Jeff Neal for C.U.R.E. - Certain Unalienable Rights Endowment

About C.U.R.E.

An understanding of four simple words explains the principles of freedom and limited government in America.

CERTAIN Only certain things are truly ‘rights’, and they are specific and finite.

UNALIENABLE – Our rights are part of the essence of being human, and they can not be taken away – they can be abridged, but they are inseverable from our being.

RIGHTSRights are one-way.  They do not impose an obligation on anyone else. 

ENDOWED  – Rights are not a privilege, they are not earned.  Our creator has bestowed them upon us, they are not granted to us by a government or political act.

America’s founders meant to constitute a government that left men, as near as possible, in their natural state – free – and governed, not ruled, by men who possessed only certain powers.  They chose their words carefully and with purpose.

Unfortunately, the two dominant political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, have hijacked the political dialogue and perverted the governance of our nation.  An elitist political class controls the two parties.  Their primary purpose is to perpetuate their control of the power of the federal government for the benefit of themselves and their “constituencies,” a.k.a. campaign fund contributors and other favored privileged interests.  The resulting size and omnipresence of government is anathema to a country of free men and women who believe their elected officials should be controlled by constitutional boundaries.

America’s C.U.R.E. aims to re-enfranchise Americans and return to the people the power of selecting those who wish to serve in positions of power in our republic.

  1. I agree with you except for the last word “republic.” We lost our republic with the passage of the 17th ammendment.

  2. Mr. Neal, I’d just like to state how refreshing and exciting it is to read your comments, wherever you post them. I have book-marked this page to follow your posts, and find myself looking forward to seeing new ones.
    Random Fan

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