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But the Teddy Bears Were Cute!

In Opinion on August 26, 2013 at 12:23 pm

They didn’t walk out, did they?

After this [unauthentic] photoSmith (of questionable timing, it turns out*) Will Smith is filmed applauding enthusiastically for a performance with lyrics that described sexual acts just as lewd as the ones Miley Cyrus performed on stage. The celebrity culture has taken over and the [feigned] shock on Smith’s face is belied by the fact that his children are with him, on the front row, at an event renowned for its sexually charged, pornographic, intentionally provocative and sensationalistic performances. 

I call BS on everyone who is pretending to be shocked or surprised by the behavior of these people. Smith is just one of the hundreds of super-wealthy trend setters who produce this garbage. Very few if any of the performers on that stage behaved any better than did Miley C, and not one of them will see his or her record sales decrease. The crowd was in awe of every lewd, disgusting performance. No one booed, hissed or walked out. Instead, they shared a few knowing glances, grinned and shrugged. Not a single sponsor will terminate a single contract. Shocked my ass.miley

A society that occasionally pretends to be disturbed by a single episode of rampant raunchiness while simultaneously promoting every vice as a life-style choice will self destruct. When the only line of demarcation is that between legal and illegal, when morality is relative and optional, when the law of the land condones theft and coveting in the name of beneficence, and property, the product of a man’s life, ceases to be his own, then his life is no longer of any value and can be used for the benefit or pleasure of his master. And, at that point, civil society has descended to the bottom, and there is no code, no ethic, and no law. There are only naked, ugly, animalistic and unthinking spectacles and gawking.

Welcome to America 2013, brought to you by the pseudo virtues of fairness and tolerance.

Welcome to the end.


(* The photo misrepresented the Smith family’s reaction – they were actually cheering Lady Gaga’s lewdness! – See here.)

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