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Will FORCE Make “I Have a Dream” Come True?

In Opinion on August 24, 2013 at 11:36 am

al sharptonDear Mr. Al Sharpton,

As a learned man, a student of the law and the philosophy of human relations, surely you are aware of two fundamental truths.



  • The purpose of the law is to punish or compel certain acts.
  • The law is given power by the threat or use of force.

Now, it is well known that you and your cohorts advocate the use of the law to ‘improve’ the lives of blacks and others of certain preferred, protected classes.  It is generally understood that you support state actions that would, as you’re fond of saying, promote the realization of MLK’s dream of equality and opportunity for all men.  You do not, to my knowledge, persuade people to act voluntarily to ‘help’ the poor, the unemployed or the ill.  No.  You’re a political activist whose intent is to change or make new laws.

QUESTION:  In America today, what specific, LEGAL acts perpetrated against any man, black or white, justify the use of force to correct?

Please answer that question, confirm that you support the use of FORCE to fulfill MLK’s dream, acknowledge your conviction that FORCE is the solution to the problems we find in the black community.  Do that and then I will march proudly and in solidarity with you, from sea to shining sea, so that together, we might repeal any and all laws that sanction taking the life or property of any man or woman.

However, if you can’t answer that question, if you can’t or will not condone the use of force to improve the lives of blacks, then my suggestion is that you find a real job.  Your current gig proves you are a thug and a liar, and it’s wearing thin on the rest of us.

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