Jeff Neal for C.U.R.E. - Certain Unalienable Rights Endowment

How Far Have We Strayed?

In Opinion on September 17, 2013 at 5:00 pm

ImageTurns out that the rifle used in the Navy Yard shooting was NOT a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle.  Knee jerk reporting again.

Notwithstanding that error – it’s not a critical mistake, just a sign of a bias – the anti-freedom lefties will yet again suggest that we institute ‘back-ground checks’ or some other form of ‘reasonable’ gun control.  In other words, they want to institute a set of rules, established by the government, that will stipulate who is and who is NOT allowed to own a gun.  And, they’ll scream over and over “we’re not talking about taking away anyone’s guns, we just want to make sure only the ‘right’ people have them and the wrong people don’t have access” as if there is a substantive difference between obtaining and keeping a firearm. See, no one will lose his gun – well, unless ‘we’ decide he is not worthy of keeping it, in which case we’ll take away his license based upon random standards no one can define or know.

We’ve been here before.  To recap – after the most recent two school disruptions, their solutions were respectively to (1) punish the shooter’s mother for not properly securing her guns and (2) train receptionists to negotiate with murderers and convince them to put down their weapon peaceably and let the police drag them to jail.  Now, AGAIN, we’re going to be smothered with the constant refrain of “if we save just ONE life” as their only pseudo-argument meant to justify their prescription.

Their solutions are based on the belief that people are merely spectators to the food fight that passes for governing in Washington, DC, and ordinary people are not to be trusted with the duty of protecting themselves.  It is an extension of the ideology that teaches that the state must take care of the poor, provide health care, educate the young, inspect your food, design your car, test your kids’ toys, monitor and restrict the flow of capital, tax your intake of nicotine and fatty acids, and build your infrastructure – all so you will bow and genuflect in gratitude, yearning and pleading for more of their benevolence.  In their world, you are not a man, you are a ward of the state, a willing and compliant subject, not a citizen.

Men thrive when they live free under self governance.  Democracy, universal suffrage and active participation in political matters is NOT self governance.  Governing oneself is to live responsibly.  Our forebears did not constitute a force to rule over us.  They founded a nation based on the rule of law and the fundamental principle that each and every man is sovereign, is born free and able, nay obligated, to rule himself, subject only to the limit that every other man is equally free and is possessed of the natural right to resist any forcible or fraudulent coercion to act against his will or self-interest.  The government they instituted was not meant to make its inhabitants dependent on the state that protects or provides for their lives.

How far we have strayed boggles the mind.

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