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What’s Power Worth to YOU?

In Opinion on July 24, 2013 at 4:19 pm

clintonweiner.001In a press conference today (video link here) Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, share their thoughts about his, uh, inappropriate online communication with strangers.

No remorse.  Just pseudo apologies and convoluted explanations.  Note in particular the assertion that the important, newsworthy fact is that Huma knew about (and condoned?) his post-resignation, post-I’m-a-changed-man misbehavior when they decided he would announce his candidacy for mayor of NYC.  This amid the orchestrated ‘we’re gonna let it all hangout, and I forgive him’ moment of truth.  Lights, camera, action – and make your sincerity look real, OK?!

The point is?  Having political muscle, holding a political post, and running with the right crowd, the people who arrogate unto themselves the power to dictate how others live their lives, are more important to the political class than their own emotional well-being.

Watch Huma’s display of glibness closely.  She, according to the pundits, has been humiliated (really – what did she do?  Put up with it, that’s what!).  And she is praised by her cronies for her valiant performance, praised for hiding her disgust and sadness with a stern countenance (not to mention few knowing glances and smiles around the room).  Trouble is, she is incapable of either disgust or sadness.  She has nothing but raw ambition running through her veins.  She learned at the feet of the master – Hillary “vast right-wing conspiracy” Clinton.  The Weiners knew these exchanges would be revealed, they knew that his worst, most embarrassing (to a normal person, that is) foibles would be on public display and expose their personal lives to ridicule.  Yet, they decided to press ahead, to seek the mayorship of NYC, because, to their ilk, power is worth losing one’s self, power is worth everything.  See, again, Hillary “listening tour” Clinton and Bill “meaning of the word IS is” Clinton.

That’s the lesson from this – and every – political scandal.  This class of people is not more scandal-prone, more sexually active or promiscuous, more given to theft, dishonesty or other unethical acts than the rest of us.  But they are self-inoculated from the effects of shame and pride (that’s not to say vanity).  They must have something in their blood that you and I don’t, because no self-respecting person would ever covet power over another man or woman.  While you’re busy living a normal life, this class of people are taking an ever-increasing level of control over your day-to-day life.  That should frighten any and every sane person.

Are you sane?

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