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Does Nancy Pelosi Own Your Kids’ Hopes and Dreams?

In Opinion on January 6, 2015 at 5:48 pm

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Do not comply. Take back your life by forcing them, all of them, to understand that their self-declared dominion over you is invalid ab initio. (See below)

“They have entrusted us with their hopes, their dreams; they have asked us to address their challenges. The financial stability of a strong middle class and those that aspire to it, is the bedrock of our economy and the backbone of our democracy. We have a moral imperative to ensure that working men and women enjoy the bounty of their unprecedented productivity, and to expand the purchasing power of families.”

— Nancy Pelosi – Remarks at the opening of the 114th Congress.

They honestly think that they’re somehow in possession of, ‘entrusted’ with the hopes and dreams of Americans, your dreams and mine. The dreams even of YOUR children, they presume, are in their filthy, grimy, thieving hands. That the ‘bounty’ of life is the state’s to . . . determine? own? control? distribute? That elected officials have a ‘moral imperative’ to make some or all families richer? Which ones? Who chooses?


Have they no humility, no sense of their real, much more mundane purpose? To administer a body that protects my liberty by enacting laws [a finite number, please!] that prohibit another man from intentionally harming me by force of fraud is not the same thing as to manage or have anything to do with my hopes, dreams, challenges, bounty-enjoyment or purchasing power.

She closed with even more loftiness: “May God continue to bless the Members of this House of Representatives. This is the People’s House. This is the People’s gavel. In the people’s name, it is my privilege to hand it to the Speaker of the House for the 114th Congress, the Honorable John Boehner.”

I know that she didn’t speak in my name when she said ‘in the people’s name.” Indeed, that’s the biggest, most common lie of them all. NO ONE voted for Nancy Pelosi or any of the other clowns resident in DC (whether Rep or Dem) to give away the gavel of control over everyday life. Even those who voted for her want her to control SOMEONE ELSE‘s life (and money), and ditto for John Boehner and his ilk.

Do not celebrate the new Congress in the hope that the GOP will miraculously unwind a century’s worth of tyranny. Their power comes with, and only with, your sanction. Do not comply

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