Jeff Neal for C.U.R.E. - Certain Unalienable Rights Endowment

Obama’s Unserious Foreign Policy Mentality

In Opinion on August 30, 2013 at 2:03 pm

Bashar-al-AssadBashar al-Assad of Syria uses chemical weapons on his enemies and President Obama personally reviews hit-lists and sends in missiles by drone strikes. The victims are dead either way, yes?

The sudden realization that al-Assad is evil because he deployed chemical weapons (from Iraq?) is akin to the discovery that Russia’s Putin is a really awful, bad guy now that he wants to enforce laws that discriminate against gays.

It’s time that national security is returned to its rightful, sole priority – protecting our national interests, which do not include making the world a happy place. The Obama administration reportedly wants to initiate the use of military force in Syria to ‘send a message.’ Do these people in this White House think that foreign policy among tyrants is like a game among high school girl friends. Do they actually believe the al-Assad and Putin actually give a flying F what the ‘international community’ says about them at dinner parties. Our military power is not meant to be a messenger pigeon. It should be used for only one purpose – to destroy, to obliterate any threat against our sovereignty and our direct national interests.

The only ‘message’ our military should ever deliver is this:

If you harm or credibly threaten the USA, you shall suffer a painful and swift death.

No more nuance, no more pin-prick surgical strikes. The military must be deployed only to deliver overwhelming and deadly force with one goal – victory.


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