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Whores and Their Pimps; I mean Politicians

In Opinion on January 28, 2015 at 6:50 pm

Yesterday I met a recent college graduate and learned that he is pursuing a political career. He also shared that he was unlikely ever to be a candidate for office himself. He averred that modern politics involves a level of personal disclosure that he would never want to experience. He does not want his life ruined by the intense examination a candidate must suffer, nor does he wish for his family to be tormented by constant scrutiny and innuendo.

At first, I concurred with his decision and expressed my empathy. Then, upon reflection, I spotted my error, so I challenged him with this question:  Why will you pursue a ‘profession’ that requires you to do unto others exactly what you will not allow them to do unto you? (In other words, you’ll be a pimp but draw the line at gigolo?)

He’s a liberal, like virtually all modern career politicos, in that he believes a strong, beneficent government can, nay, MUST do good things for the people – particularly if that gets more votes. He assured me that he could, or at least hoped he would, avoid being part of any destructive campaigns. I smiled and said something like “bull shit” and he acted like I had insulted him and his chosen profession. Well, the truth hurts. He ought to pursue a real life, do something worthy of respect and dignity – dig ditches, drain sewers, doodle – anything that adds value to the world, anything but politics. (I didn’t actually say that last part; I was in a room full of passionate liberals at a ‘marriage equality’ revival, I mean fund-raising event, and I’m no fool.)

Our body politic and our governmental bodies have been ruined by the professional political class, both the Republicans and the Democrats. They wallow and wrestle in the mud in order to accumulate power over other men – a.k.a., you and I. The least principled, least ethical, most arrogant and narcissistic participants aspire to be the candidates. The rest of them, only marginally more principled and ethical, barely less arrogant and narcissistic, like my acquaintance from last night, can stand eating dog poop as long as they can minimize how much of it gets on their tailored suit and Hermes tie.

We need a better class of citizens, call them amateurs, to take over the political system and rid it of the parasites who control it today. That is, unless it’s too late, in which case I hope we hit the bottom immediately (if not sooner!) so we can rebound and take our lives away from the crowd that works 24/7 to control how we pursue happiness. I know that I’m technically ‘free’ to ignore their rules and regulations, but, like most men, I stay in line due to the threat of jail. I would prefer to honor and respect the laws under which I live and the men who make them, not fear and loathe them; wouldn’t you?

Let’s vote the whores AND THEIR PIMPS out of office.

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