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In Opinion on November 14, 2013 at 9:41 am

nevermindSeveral Democratic Senators have signed up to sponsor a bill that purports to allow the government to keep the promise it made when President Obama said “if you like it, you can keep it.”

So, in their imagination, the ACA (2000+ pages) gets ‘fixed’ with four pages that say, I paraphrase, “Insurance companies, the ones that cancelled your insurance because of the ACA’s rules and regulations, are allowed to (i) pretend to go back in time, (ii) undo all that they’ve done to comply with the ACA, (iii) ignore the laws of economics and physics, (iv) retroactively un-cancel your policy (but only if they really, really want to) and (v) in the future, if a company cancels your insurance, it must explain it to you in a letter, using 12pt fonts and no cursive, that states (a) it’s the company’s fault that you’re getting screwed and (b) the government is full of well-intentioned people.”  In other words, “Since the government can not deliver what we tried to force you to purchase in Law A, we will write new Law B to force the insurance companies to do what Law A made illegal for them to do.”

I’m not kidding. Read it yourself. Read the law (see link here) – it’s a 4 page PDF and only part of it is in cursive. (Ok, I made up the part about cursive and other font sizes may be granted an exception.)

These idiots believe that’s how the world works.  To make mountains move, the sun shine and render trillions of economic decisions and personal preferences superfluous, they wave the magic wand called An Act of Congress.  They have crushed (intentionally) the medical insurance business (not to mention medical services, drugs and device industries) by [not so] indirectly nationalizing them [can you say fascism?] and now that there is a little push back [their reelection race looks to be in jeopardy] they swoop in with a new and improved law that says “NEVER MIND” and honestly expect you to conclude that they have done something heroic and magnanimous that deserves your gratitude and applause.

They’re all Jackasses (including the elephants).

Below is the entire law in one screenshot.  Really.  It says:  “You can keep your coverage unless what we did in the ACA forced companies to choose not to sell that kind of coverage, and if they cancel any more policies they have to be ‘transparent’ and prove it was not the government’s fault.”

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.39.25 AM

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