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Let’s Make a Deal

In Opinion on October 20, 2013 at 2:57 pm

Recently I was given the usual lecture from an Obama supporter who had, with vim and vigor, fed me the ‘It’s the law of the land!!!’ medicine, concluding all discussions, he averred, once and for all. My response:

Is it your contention that any one who disagrees with Barack Obama along with anyone who might label himself or be labeled by you as a member of the non-existent ‘Tea Party’ should shut his pie-hole and let you have your way with his life, because, well, that’s the law!?

What if all he wants is to be left alone by the likes of you, Barack, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid? Consider this: If you’re so enthralled with that way of living – collectivism, altruism, and tending to the needy (as defined by you) by giving them money – if all that is so compelling, then make the case for that approach and let each man choose for himself. Along the way, I’ll do the same for the principles of self-reliance and individual liberty protected by a government that respects and guards the inalienable rights of men.

Then, there will not be any voting or elections meant to impose one view or the other on everyone based upon the approval of a majority. Instead, anyone who agrees with you can live that life, unencumbered by any of my suggestions and my lack of rules and regulations. Meanwhile, anyone who adopts the position contrary to yours must also be left alone by you and the state’s intrusions into their lives. Reciprocal arrangement – we swear not to smother you with freedom, you agree not to burden us with any of your rules that are enforced by guns and chains – and besides, you’ll need those weapons to keep your supporters in line.

However, one rule must apply across the board: NO compulsory taxation. You must accept only voluntary contributions to fund your part of the world, to pay for ‘free’ stuff for the needy and any other collective or government program(s) you might advocate. My team likewise will fund with voluntary contributions the governmental activities necessary to protect our rights and liberties.

Now, we acknowledge that you will be, and we grant permission for you to be, passive beneficiaries, freeloaders who will live under the umbrella of the protective force we purchase. We do not mind that even for a moment, as we know that eventually you will either starve or, more likely, see the flaw and the dishonor in your anti-productive approach to life. At that point – and not a moment sooner – we’ll welcome you into to the world in which human endeavor is recognized as the moral necessity, the sine qua non, of life, because you will have learned that compulsory charity and altruism are the masks and the enabling force of thieves and slave masters.

Do we have a deal?

He called me an ugly name.

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