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Ready for the Next Lie?

In Opinion on November 4, 2013 at 1:59 pm

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.25.12 PMRemember the delay of the “Employer Mandate” – how everyone was told that delaying it was doing a favor to ‘big corporations.”

Think again.  Do a little research.  (Explanatory LINK here)

The employer mandate defines what is an acceptable, i.e. legal, insurance plan for employers with more than 50 full-time workers to provide – or face penalties.  The law stipulates minimum coverage benefits and maximum co-pay levels (as a percentage of the employee’s income).  Mark my words: when a large number of companies elect NOT to provide the government defined version of “affordable” insurance, you can bet that the Obama team will declare that the companies’ bottom line, their decision to “put profit ahead of people” will be the reason millions of people lose their employer-provided coverage, and are thereby forced to buy one of four, yes FOUR, plans available on the government run exchanges.  Jay Carney will tell us “The law didn’t tell those cheap corporations to stop offering insurance programs, those greedy bad apples decided that their employees’ health wasn’t worth the money” . . . “and the government is here to give those abandoned people what they deserve!!!”

My friends, every piece of this law works hand-in-glove with every other piece.  There aren’t one or a dozen really bad provisions, the entire law stinks because it’s based on the lie that everyone is entitled to a product or service that is:

(1) available in finite quantities,

(3) provided by the labor of other men and women, and

(2) “affordable” – not as defined by prices established via billions of voluntary exchanges among millions of people, but as defined by an all-knowing panel in Washington, DC.

Stop wondering if a program will “work” when it hinges on the injustice of forcing one person to work involuntarily for the benefit of another.  The only way such a crime will ‘work’ is if everyone is willing to be either (a) the thief or (b) the victim.

You have no other choice – thief or victim.

Or free.  It’s your call.

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