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Obama Statement on Trayvon Martin – Paraphrased

In Opinion on July 19, 2013 at 5:18 pm

obamamadEarlier today, Barack Obama made a statement in the White House press briefing room.  (See transcript here.)

I restate and shorten his remarks below:

Because of our tawdry, shameful national history – you know, slavery, state-sanctioned discrimination and stuff like that – black youth perpetrate a disproportionate number of crimes.  That’s bad, sure, but I deeply and profoundly regret the rational response to the resulting crime spree.  I deplore the ugly act which was previously known as deductive reasoning and which we race-baiters now call ‘racial profiling.’  Because we let profiling go unpunished – like in the George Zimmerman case – African Americans often get funny looks on elevators and other mean stuff like that.

So, in light of our country’s ugly past (I don’t like to think about the hundreds of thousands who died in The Civil War, The Emancipation Proclamation, the 14th Amendment, or multiple ‘civil rights’ laws) black youth ought not be expected to be rational when evaluating such uncomfortable moments, notwithstanding that they are brought on by their culture’s and communities’ disregard for social norms.  Indeed, given the racial context of everything, urban poverty caused by rich white guys’ greed, and the way those facts color their thinking, we can’t expect young African Americans to comprehend, much less obey, criminal laws as currently codified in the 50 states of the union.  Committing crime is just their way of asking for help, and we need to listen to them better.

For example, stand your ground laws and the concept of self defense have to be viewed in light of racial tensions.  Black youth are correctly resentful, maybe even trigger-happy – especially when some cracker gives them an uncomfortable look.  That causes them to panic and attack, and when they attack a guy with a gun, it can be ugly.  In short, Trayvon Martin should’ve been packing heat, then maybe he would have gotten off the first shot, and that white piece of shit would be dead, and I could hold a Rose Garden ceremony after I issued a presidential pardon for my imaginary son – sorry Sasha and Malia.

In conclusion, to make things right, to make things even once and for all, I recommend we take a look at changing the criminal codes in the 50 states so that more white people go to jail.

Thanks you guys. [That part is a direct quote.]

And the lefties are praising this as brilliant, nuanced and historic.

They’re right about the last word.  It should frighten you if you’re paying attention.

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