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“The Honorable” – Really? No More.

In Opinion on October 18, 2013 at 11:25 am

Reid give.001 Our elected representatives are very sympathetic toward ‘regular’ people, so long as they are Congressional staffers.

Harry Ried was hotly perturbed when another representatives opposed giving Hill staffers a raise so they might afford ObamaCare. What more evidence do we need to show that neither cost savings nor better care are the goal or result of ObamaCare? The pre-ObamaCare gov’t employee benefits program is among the best available, yet an inferior program which none of them wants is unaffordable under the new regime! The stench is right under their nose and they still don’t smell it.

Why? Because all of them are ignorant of the meaning of the words ‘give’ and ‘earn.’ Their understanding of the concepts of money and the creation of wealth is childish. All they comprehend and acknowledge is the power to move money from one pocket to another. That’s what they’re paid to do. That’s why they ran for and cling desperately to their positions – they could not eat if they had to earn a meal by producing instead of allocating wealth. They are base, vile men who covet, fight and grovel for control over other people’s lives. Every word from their mouths, every breath they take, reveals their contempt for the people who feed them, their contempt for you.reid pic

And yet you obey them, you honor them, call them Mr Senator, gaze in awe at the buildings they occupy, stand in line to cheer for their speeches, stand in line to vote and thereby bestow upon them the power to pass more laws that limit your freedom.

When will you stop?

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