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Wherefore art thou, Obama?

In Opinion on November 23, 2013 at 11:00 am
obamamad“Progressives” (and all of their liberal brethren) do not set out to destroy wealth, per se. Instead, they seek to control, monitor and regulate the creation of wealth. That way, covetous men who hate losing, and have the gall to get even by taking the fruit of other men’s labor, can rule over those who but for that taking would create it.

It goes like this. Call the progressive what you will – a liberal, a socialist, a statist, fascist, a lamp post or a social democrat – he inherently disdains, resents and fears that which is foreign to him, that thing he dared not attempt – wealth creation. He hates capitalism because it identifies winners – oh, and LOSERS, as well. Trial and ERROR is also called life, but he despairs and resents the error part of life; indeed, he begins to resent life itself.

We all learn about the pain of error early in life, and most of us avail ourselves of the right and power to improve, to minimize our errors and become imperfect yet self-reliant individuals who interact with our peers on rational terms with the understanding that win-win makes the world go ’round.

However, from that same experience, the trod upon, fatherless son of a nomadic mother, soon-to-be progressive concludes instead that without the help of, say, a sympathetic teacher who gives everyone a blue ribbon, there is invariably the odd man out, always someone who feels the pain of trial and error. And he yearns, he swears, to heal that pain. And from there he proceeds, adorned by blue ribbons, to the Harvard Law Review, and then to enlist the power of a state-sponsored NGO (non-government entity) to pay his bills so he can be, just by way of example, a benevolent community organizer barely making ends meet.

And, later, when that community organizer becomes the President of the United States, he and his cohorts conclude that his struggle and world view are vindicated, his worldview validated. “See, I’ve become wealthy without ever producing a thing, as have Bill, Hillary and Rahm. We beat the capitalists, and so might you, my subjects, after I use my power to make it illegal for you to suffer at the hands of winners.”

That conceit produces a horrendous agenda that destroys freedom and wealth creation. They proceed, little by little, rule-by-rule, to regulate and minimize pain until, eventually, there can be no more damned winners.*

Barack Obama is the personification of the last 75 years of American history. And America will become very ugly before she’s pretty again.

* Unless you count the men getting paid to make and enforce the rules – they’re called congressmen, Secretaries, lobbyists, staffers, Federal Reserve Governors and their beneficiaries known as bankers, journalists, and ‘private sector’ government contractors, and they have taken most of your money. Want it back?

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