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Party Rule

In Opinion on October 15, 2013 at 10:39 am

Our government – particularly at the federal level, but it applies to most state bodies as well – is no longer of the people.  A nation of free men governed (not ruled) by a constitutional democratic republic is no longer an accurate description of your country.  The governing bodies created by the US Constitution is now controlled by two political parties, two very large interest groups who share one agenda – the accumulation of power and control of the law for the sake of enriching themselves.  The Democratic and Republican parties are the tools of political operatives who use the power to write the laws to favor their interests, who are paid handsomely to direct a portion of $3.5 TRILLION dollars per year to certain people and punish others (your children mostly) by sending them the bill.

The entire federal government apparatus, the machine that has arrogated unto itself the power to control in excess of 30% of what the people produce, is controlled by and is indistinct from the political actors who use that power the same way all tyrants throughout history have abused power  – to benefit themselves and punish the disobedient.

We used to describe a country known as the USSR in such terms.  We knew , and the communists proved, that political control of lawmaking was intrinsically wrong and would result in despotism.  That we have TWO parties instead of one is of no comfort or consequence.  We are living in an unfree state, and the political battles that consume our attention are not about reform or a restoration of the sovereignty and liberty of the individual, the founding principle of America.  The food fights in Washington are about WHO gets to point the gun at your head as he takes your property, who gets to tell you the lie that he intends to dole out your money to the needy and for the ‘public good’ – but only AFTER taking his vigorish.

If you think the government is spending too much on the sick, the poor, the elderly and otherwise deserving wretched souls, you haven’t visited the plush suburban homes that surround Washington, DC.  You haven’t spent any time at posh restaurants in the city watching the ‘public servants’ mix and mingle with the favor seekers, sipping French wine and single-malt scotch.  You haven’t thought clearly about the enormous security apparatus these crooks have built to protect themselves from the victims of their plundering.  The government is awash in YOUR money, and they absolutely love the life you’ve bought for them.  Some of them even believe they earned it, because they are skilled at manipulating the law, bending it to favor the people who pay them to loot you.  And, by the way, you’re supposed to thank them, address them by their title, and name roads, bridges and wings of buildings for them, too.

The power to spend your money is the power to own you.  The DC crowd – lobbyists, pundits, staffers, consultants, fundraisers, pollsters, lawyers and ‘not-for-profit’ industry association executives – have learned that if they can make you fight and argue among yourselves about the spectacle they make of WHO gets to pick your pocket, you’ll miss the money and your freedom only after it’s too late.

Will you wake up before it’s too late, or will you keep fighting your cousin, your brother and your neighbor over whether Barack Obama or John McCain is the better thief?

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