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Barack Obama Declares Victory, Paul Ryan Concedes for the GOP

In Opinion on January 21, 2015 at 12:01 pm

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.52.21 AMCongressman Paul Ryan’s response to State of the Union address should frighten you.

He said the president’s address was “a liberal speech by a liberal president . . . A repeat of the greatest hits of the Obama administration” but “his tone and tenor were less partisan and less divisive than we were led to believe.” And “there are a lot of things we can work with him on to get this country moving again.”

OH Really. Let’s be clear; That’s a surrender. Paraphrased he said, ‘well, his substance has not changed, but at least he wasn’t mean to us, so now we’ll play nice.’

Don’t we all feel better now!?

First, let’s review the record on a few matters.

1. Calling George W Bush an idiot who got “dragged into a land war in the Middle East” due to a lack of “smart leadership” isn’t partisan? (ok, he didn’t use the word idiot or mention GWB by name, but who can’t read between the lines?)

2. “I’ll veto everything you send me” isn’t partisan?

3. “I want to help the middle class” unlike those one-percent-loving Republicans isn’t partisan?.

4. “I want [_________] to be free“and those haters don’t isn’t partisan?

5. And of course, the snarky, snarly and snide “I know, I won two of them [elections]” was just a fun poke in the GOP ribs, not a claim of superiority and power over your life and mine. NO WAY he actually meant “I’m the President of the United States, dammit, and you’ll do as I say!” But that’s truly not partisan, because he directed those words to ALL of us, left or right, black or white, rich or poor.

Second, look out. The GOP is in Barack Obama’s pocket. They can’t stand any longer being blamed for the curse of gridlock. Indeed, they hate “gridlock” because it renders them, all of them, powerless. They have convinced themselves and most of America that government inaction in the face of every modern [government manufactured] crisis is ruinously evil. So, if they must ‘compromise’ with BHO in order to experience yet again that craving of theirs, that sweet adrenaline rush that comes with the power of passing laws and changing lives – in effect owning yours – then that’s what they will do . . . and relish it, wallow in it and send you the bill for their celebration, meaning the very large bill for their very lives and sustenance.

And then they’ll plead for your vote, their reward for having ended what they self-aggrandizingly claim will ruin the nation – a dysfunctional, do-nothing government that can’t get things done for the American people. And most of you will say “thank you, may I have another.”

You asked for it by giving them your sanction. Take back your life.

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