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A New Black Role Model – Trayvon Martin [Luther King]

In Opinion on July 15, 2013 at 11:18 am

obamasmokingIn this Presidential statement issued on July 14, 2013, The White House tells us that America should “ask ourselves . . . how we can prevent future tragedies” in order “to honor Trayvon Martin.”

First, let’s review a bit of recent history.

    • Despite a few generations of children of all colors having learned that blacks are not inferior to whites;
    • Notwithstanding a majority of white people having voted twice for a black man to be President of the United States;
    • While every facet of civil society has been cleansed of race-based discrimination – not to suggest that anyone forfeits the prerogative to evaluate behavior and encourage those acts he likes and avoid those that offend him;
    • Even though every hint of state-sanctioned racial discrimination has been purged from the law;

There is yet an unanswered lie being perpetrated on us by the media and political class, both left and right, Democrat and Republican. The myth being told over and over is that young black men are in danger of being killed by white people brandishing guns they would/ought not possess but for the NRA’s money’s control over Congress combined with horrendous “stand your ground” laws that encourage, even give license to otherwise rational people to roam their neighborhood shooting innocent black children at the slightest provocation and with impunity.

That lie is encouraging a generation of black men [and their white enablers] to believe that black youth are in need of special treatment, that they are justified in their bitterness and anger against the American system, and that their lot in life is to rebel against a system that has them helplessly trapped in the ghetto. That lie allows them to take no responsibility for their lives. That lie is based upon the fiction that Trayvon Martin (and now, Freddie Gray) as victim, is a role model which, in turn, suggests that successful blacks like Michael Jordan, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Cory Booker, Barack Obama, Ursula Burns (CEO of Xerox) Rosalind Brewer (CEO of Sams Club) and Shelia Johnson are flukes of nature.

More importantly and to look beyond that lie, one asks: why can youthful blacks look only to wealthy black adults as their models? What if Trayvon had been allowed or encouraged to admire, say, Joe the Plumber, Andrew Carnegie, Neil Armstrong or Steve Jobs? What if visions of those men dwelled in his mind to guide his actions; then, maybe, George Zimmerman would not have mistaken Trayvon Martin for a burglar or a gangster. Maybe Trayvon would have spent his youth on the right side of the library doors, and we would know about a young, up and coming black man challenging the vice-grip that the entitlement culture of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson has over his brothers and sisters in the ghettos of America.

Or, maybe that wasn’t Mr. King’s dream. Maybe a life of strife and violence is the best we can hope for from people who are taught that merely being called an N-name is to be trapped in the cultural sewer that Name invokes. Let Al Sharpton and Barack Obama try to convince black boys and girls to honor and pursue the nigger culture; for me, I’ll try to convince them to revere freedom and the people who protect theirs, including, yes, even George Zimmerman, the jury that acquitted him and members of the NRA.

  1. I concur with this article. Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, and other blacks have submerged the black youth of America into a sub-culture. They are so far from the teachings an dream of MLK until they regress rather than move forward with the rest of the world. This has created renewed distrust and lack of incentives among the black race and is a crime against the youths who are forced by brain-washing to become gangtras. The best example of this is Chicago where blacks kill blacks by the hundreds and the city gov’t is run by blacks who do not care about their own people but just profit by keeping them subverted. In turn it is no problem to convince uneducated youths, forced into gangs, they are hated by whites when really their own people do not help them nor associate with them but use them for their rise in politics and wealth. Until GOOD black leaders come forward and shut up rabble-rousing so-called men of God (what a farce) the hope for their improved live is nil. Bill Cosby is one such leader but is a voice in the wilderness of the perceived aforementioned “preachers”. My heart aches for the loss of so many young people who are so wrongly influenced against others for all the wrong reasons. They are the ones who suffer and die and never reach their full potential.

    • It’s difficult for young blacks in the ghettos to rise above that status because their black teachers constantly brain-wash them into convoluted thinking on social and race issues instead of teaching them reading, writing and rithmatic.

  2. There are messages being presented by this racism and prejudice:
    1) “If you are white, you are not permitted to defend yourself against an attacker bent on killing you ESPECIALLY should he be black.”
    2) “If you are white and you see someone that MIGHT be acting suspicious or strange you are NOT permitted to get out of wherever you are and investigate it ESPECIALLY if you are supposed to AND TO LOOK the other way.”
    3) “If you are black, and you encounter a white person, you are free to harm them, because the DOJ, NAACP, and a number of black racists will come to your defense especially if you are the poor-disadvantaged black aggressor that is grossly incapable of getting out of the hell hole that these very same people want you in so as to live off of your difficulties in life and for your troubles they will give you ‘entitlements’.”
    4) “If you are black no one will hold you accountable, because nearly two centuries ago ancestors you likely never had much less could trace your ancestry to were enslaved by a bunch of white people. You are not permitted to understand that where these black people came from were they were actually sold into slavery by other black people. It’s not for you to understand your heritage, but required that you keep grinding the wheel and squeak about it.”

    From 1666 to 1800 nearly 10 million blacks were imported into the United States as slaves, replacing the whites that were previously held as slaves (I bet you didn’t know that). Over the 184 years the African black tribal chief would sell off captured black people to the slave traders. And the slaves would go to many parts of the world. Your beef, if you will, is with the very same group of people that Jesse Jackson attaches himself to, the black African, as opposed to the white African, but I guess that’s a topic for another day..

    From 1937 to 1945 over 6 million Jews were put to death in the 40,000 or so concentration camps in and about Germany. This amounts to eight years.

    The NAACP somehow and for whatever reason claims along with others that Mr. Zimmerman, a Latino is “white” or more precisely Caucasian. My maternal grandmother was black, both of her parents were black. My mother was mixed. Mr. Zimmerman was NOT “white”.

    If you are going to hold to the coat tails of Jesse Jackson, a known black racist, Al Sharpton, a known black racist, and on to whatever fervor that makes their livelihood, at least understand where you have come from and you are no more special than anyone else. Everyone is equal.

    Mr. Zimmerman acted in self-defense because Mr. Martin thought to start a physical altercation with him, but did not count on getting killed in the process. It’s Mr. Martin’s own damn fault for getting killed.

    Meanwhile, nothing is being done about the Black on White crimes including hate crimes, nor the Black on Black crimes. We are not in the jungle where you are going to be captured and sold off by the Chief, however, should you start a fight and be the one to throw the first punch, you have only yourself to blame.

    It is a shame that this President wants to honor a criminal.

    • Amen!!!! I’ve never seen such a piss poor president. Everybody couldn’t stand Bush yet they couldn’t spend those stimulus checks quick enough. Obama’s slogan change is absolutely correct. He’s changed this country in unrepairable ways.

  3. It really is so sad what is happening to this country. The president wants to see as many people as possible living on government funds (the worst president in the history of our country). And Laurie you are so right those stimulus checks are never mentioned. If white people (and Zimmerman was half Hispanic) had a group like the NAACP the country would be up in arms. If there were scholarships for just white people the country would be up in arms….if a white person gets fired they cant cry discrimination…its a shame that this is how the world works…how about scholarships, jobs etc are given to the person that is most deserving or qualified. How about it you need government money to live, you have to be drug tested (just like most people that work have to go through) and also have to work for the money. I could go on and on.

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