Jeff Neal for C.U.R.E. - Certain Unalienable Rights Endowment

Zimmerman Trial Aftermath

In Opinion on July 13, 2013 at 10:32 pm

It is entirely inappropriate for the prosecution team to be on TV lamenting their ‘loss’ in the Zimmerman case. The state does not have a bet on the winner or the loser in a criminal offense. The state is on the side of justice, the state represents the law, not the victim or the defendant in a criminal case.

Perpetuating the concept that the state is ‘on the side of the victim’ is to undermine the rule of law, to undermine the concept of equal justice, to undermine the peaceful coexistence of free men in civil society. The post-game analysis carried on by the state’s attorney on TV is highly offensive, is an abuse of power, is an impeachable offense. They are proving a complete lack of understanding of the concept of justice and are therefore unqualified to hold public office. They are essentially encouraging social unrest.


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