Jeff Neal for C.U.R.E. - Certain Unalienable Rights Endowment

Americans’ Exceptionalism

In Opinion on July 3, 2013 at 9:55 am

atlas globeThe problem in Egypt?  They’re protesting and clamoring for democracy – exactly like the last time, when the mobs took to the street in Cairo to dethrone Mubarak.  And, well, that’s good . . . as far as it goes, and we see how far it goes; it goes as far as the next time a few thousand people have something to bitch about.

A nation’s fate, its greatness can not be based in democratic rule and universal suffrage.  Success of a nation can not – despite what you’re told by politicians – hinge on how many good things the government can do for a given demographic group or voting block.  America’s greatness is a result of accomplishments made possible by the primacy of individual rights and the liberty of men being governed, not ruled, by a constant, knowable set of laws.  America is great because, and only because, of the accomplishments of men who are NOT subject to the transitory whims of vile men who take pleasure in power.  Democracy can not promise and will not necessarily deliver liberty, and without liberty, no man will reach his potential.

The brilliance of our Constitution is its attempt to limit what the government can do – EVEN with the vote or support of a majority.  Our failure in the Middle East, the tragedy of the last 10-15 years of waging war in pursuit of peace and stability in that region, is that we have not championed freedom.  We have instead rallied behind seemingly democratic ‘reforms’ which have, as always, produced chaos and violence.  Our foreign policy has hinged on attempts to handicap outcomes and choose sides with the winner.  We ought not be for any ‘side’ – we must be for individual rights and liberty, else we are not out the side of justice.  Without justice, there are no winners, only victors and spoils of war.

That we are failing to recall or recognize what makes America exceptional is making us glaringly unexceptional – both in foreign and domestic affairs.  That we place so much blind faith in the state rather than the individual is making us frighteningly ineffective abroad and increasingly unproductive and despondent at home.

One does not have to earn the liberty our founders constituted a government to safeguard, but if we let that same government deprive us of it, we do not deserve it.  Will you be exceptional or just fade away?  Will you be an American or a dutiful citizen?  Are you going to make your life worthy of your birthright of freedom?


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