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NEWS FLASH: Statist Policies Produce Statism!

In Opinion on May 15, 2013 at 10:45 am

His antagonists should resist the temptation to merely “catch” Obama, to hope to find his finger prints on one or or more of these ‘scandals.’  Better to demonstrate that his ideology, his entire worldview, is based on the false premise that government knows best.  Better to highlight that the statists’ ideology is inherently scornful of liberty and the rights of the individual.  Better to re-teach Americans that such an ideology leads inevitably and invariably to the kind of behavior we witness throughout the behemoth government we are forcing our children to buy for us.  There is no smoking gun that would lead a detective to the Oval Office, as the ideologists throughout the bureaucracy know that state power has no bounds in this administration.  They aren’t following orders, they’re doing what comes naturally to all statists.

So what?  So we must throw the baby out with the bathwater, the ideology has to go out with its practitioners, and we can have peace for a generation or two.  Any thing less will be insufficient – Joe Biden atop the same governing apparatus will not result magically in less state intrusion in our lives.

Tellingly, the statists are angry that the consequences of their ideology have been revealed by recent events. They’re aghast that big government’s under-belly has been exposed.  They are despondent, dismayed that the discovery of rampant abuse of power will give their antagonists, those right-wing nuts and radio personalities, the chance to argue convincingly that big government can be intrusive, can actually threaten individual liberty, can be (egads!) tyrannical. They hate that bad things happening under big government can be construed as evidence that bad things can happen under big government.  They are undeterred.  They are not disappointed that their policies have produced an unaccountable, run-away bureaucracy that is predisposed to ignore constitutional limits on power. They’re mad they got busted.

What else do you need to know?


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