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Benghazi, IRS, AP Phone Records . . . and Your Freedom

In Opinion on May 14, 2013 at 10:27 am

US Constitution - We The PeopleThese are not scandals.  These are not a result of an administration’s 2nd term arrogance – I’m particularly tired of that chorus.  These are not stories with legs, not the controversy that will make Obama’s team reassess their approach to crisis management and press relations.  This is not Obama’s Watergate.

These episodes are symptomatic of a particular mindset.  They are to be expected from a power structure (ALL of DC, not just The White House) that thrives on the conceit that THEY know best how to run YOUR life.  They are not a government, they’ve become rulers.  They were elected to manage the affairs of the state with a very finite, limited mission (See US Constitution, enumerated powers clause – Article I, Section 8).  Instead, the political class has arrogated unto itself the power to affect every aspect of your life.

In the process, they claim to know how the entire medical and insurance industry should run, how much an aspirin or an open heart surgery MUST cost, how many OB/GYN doctors there should be in each town and whether granny should get a hip replacement or new crutches.  They know how much capital a multi-trillion dollar bank should have on its balance sheet, how many derivatives trades a hedge fund should have outstanding at one time, how much risk is too much risk, how much a collateral debt obligation is worth at any given moment, and how many futures contracts on soybeans should be written on a Wednesday in August during a leap year.

And, they also know these things about you and your life:

  • how many ounces of Coca-Cola is too many ounces in one cup
  • the right speed you should travel across the desert in Nevada
  • what percentage of your income is the fair amount for you to retain
  • the exact moment during a pregnancy at which a fetus becomes a child and shouldn’t have its spinal cord snipped with scissors
  • the age at which your children should know what “homosexual” means (and it’s long before they can or should know about the emotional bond that should and often does accompany procreation, as contrasted with recreation that is)
  • the kind of fuel you should burn in your furnace

They’re so damn smart, they even know the proper, sustainable average temperature of planet Earth at noon on May 14, 2099.

They know all these things and so many, many more.   And for your own good, for the good of the community, they’ll use the law to nudge you toward the behavior that doses the most good for everyone else.  In other words, since the community’s fate and well-being trumps that of any individual, you do not own your life, they do.  Or, as they like to say, the “community” does – and it owns your kids too, by the way.  These DC statists (Republican and Democrats alike) believe in a thing they call a ‘Social Contract” the premise of which is that you’ve forfeited sovereignty over your life to society.  It does not matter whether you knowingly entered that contract, once you crossed that line between fetal matter and child, you were bound by their contract, and that means you shall obey, FULL STOP.

That belief, the very foundation of their worldview and the role of government therein, is anathema to the concept of human liberty that is the basis of the Constitution of the United States.  So, why should any one be surprised that they use that document to line their bird cages?

The answer is not to search for a smoking gun or for Obama’s finger prints on a memo that says “Let Ambassador Stevens burn, I’ve got a trip to Vegas, ya know.”  The answer is to prove that their entire ideology is based upon a lie – the lie that denies this elemental fact of life: that to be free, to be a man, one must own his life – ALL of it.

  1. How did we lose our country? A nudge here, a creep there, just enough that we didn’t notice. How will we ever get America back? Rulers do not give up their power.

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