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Jason Collins: Courageous? What about his twin brother?

In Opinion on April 30, 2013 at 5:56 pm

After he announced to the world that likes sex with men, the airwaves are full of praise for NBA star Jason Collins and his courage.


Hmmm.  I think his announcement is ostentatious self promotion, but a display of courage . . . I don’t see it.  It does not take courage to tell the truth or to do what one knows is right and honorable, particularly when one knows he will be praised for it.  So, if he is telling the truth (I have no doubts) about his personal choice of sexual partner(s) – a choice about which I have neither an opinion nor any desire to influence – and he is acting in a manner that he believes is right, then he is not being courageous.  What “danger, fear, or vicissitudes” does he face after his honest announcement?  None.

But the pundits and politicians who claim to support ‘gay rights’ – the people who promote the indefensible, irrational idea that there is a special set of rights that hinge on a person’s method of experiencing sexual fulfillment and pleasure – insist that Mr. Collins has committed an act of courage.  That begs the question:  What has he done that they believe should make him in danger and fearful?  What flaw are they suggesting he has revealed for which there will be reprisals?  Who really has a problem with his sexual preference?  Is it I, the man who thinks Collins’s personal life is not germane to any discussion about his character, skills or any interaction I might have with him?  Or is it the problem with the people who insinuate that his revelation exposes him to their pity, their disdain and their treatment of him as someone who is different and ‘special’?  I think it’s the latter.

ps – Since among the people praising Mr. Collins’s courage, homosexuality is a result of one’s DNA, how do they feel about Mr. Collins’s having ‘outed’ his twin brother who, remember your biology, shares identical DNA with Jason?


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