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Joe Biden. OY VEY!

In Opinion on April 25, 2013 at 11:00 am

ImageVP Biden’s speech at Boston memorial yesterday included these words:

“Whether it’s Al Qaeda’s central out of the Fatah, or two twisted perverted, cowardly, knock-off jihadis here in Boston.”

Tell me, Mr. VP, what is a “knock-off” jihadi?  Does that mean the bombs weren’t real and all those people aren’t in real hospitals?  The funerals weren’t real, the blood was fake, the missing limbs have reattached themselves to victims’ bodies, and there really isn’t any thing to fear from Islamist jihadists anymore because bin Laden is dead and GM is alive?  Is that what you meant to say?

Did someone on the White House speech writing staff actually write those words in a speech about why terrorists attack us?  Do they really think that way in this administration?  YES, they do.

If you can stand to be frightened out of your mind, watch this 1:25 minute video and ask yourself ‘Why is that idiot giving advice to our president?!!?’

And then, brace yourself as you remember which idiot chose him as a running mate to give himself credibility and gravitas, particularly on national security matters.

Oy vey!


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