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He Does NOT Want Your Guns

In Opinion on April 18, 2013 at 10:46 am


A general consensus is forming around the idea that the president is angry about the outcome of the Senate vote on certain gun control measures.  He isn’t.  He got exactly what he wanted from the vote – the opportunity to demean the GOP.  He sets the tone – he called them liars from the podium in the Rose Garden.  His minions in the press play along, turn up the vitriol, refer to the opposition as cowards, patsies for the NRA, baby killers, spineless men with no leadership potential, etc . . . and it’s only just begun.  He is intentionally stirring up the mob with his speeches.

He does not give a damn about guns, he wants control.  He needs to marginalize the GOP, make them afraid to peek out of the foxhole he’s running them into, make them fear HIM and his rhetorical whippings that are amplified by the growing crowd around him.

That way, he can propose any other program or legislation he might choose, and his erstwhile opponents will either (a) go along or (b) if they stay in their foxhole, not be in office after 2014 elections, since no one will vote for a congressional representative who is either silent or a baby killer.

He wants his opposition silenced.  He does not want gun control per se, he wants to use the belligerent tone the issue creates as a hammer.   He wants to establish himself as morally superior, high-mindedly sticking up for the downtrodden masses, offering them protection from the powerful, evil people in Washington, DC who are giving money to rich billionaires and corporations.

The speech he made in the Rose Garden yesterday was the speech a manipulative community organizer makes to a gathering mob.  His petulant, angry, scolding tone against Washington insiders – coming from the most “inside” place on the planet – is galling and irksome, yes, but it’s also a warning if you’re paying attention.  The stakes of the game he’s playing are not your guns; he wants your life to belong to the state so the state can use it for the good of everyone else, use it for the good of the community, you selfish pig.

This political battle is not about gun control.  It’s about control.  Its about power, and in their world, it’s winner take all.  Shut up, go along or die.

  1. Excellent post.

  2. Well spoken and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

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