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Ft. Hood, Terror and Prevention

In foreign policy, Opinion on April 17, 2013 at 11:04 am

There was never a rational response to that act of terror.  No one dared say the truth; “these damn Islamists are serious, and they intend to win.”  Instead, the commentary and analysis of the event was colored, watered-down by pro forma expressions of support for ‘diversity in our troops’ and hyper sensitivity to the feelings of honorable, patriotic Muslims who serve in our armed forces.

Query:  Is not prevention of the next such act at least as important as diversity in our military or maintaining the appearance of fairness?  Is it not clear that the only way to prevent the next rampage is to make a change in policy?

Instead, the lazy line of thought in the discussion about the Ft Hood events has been “who can we punish for missing this nut’s criminal intent?”  But, no one missed it; everyone willfully ignored it.  Of course, no one will be punished or fired or sued for having let this madman continue to serve – and I’m not suggesting someone should be punished or fired or sued given the current set of rules and guidelines.  Those guidelines reward inaction, at least to the extent that non-punishment is a reward.  Prior to his acting on his beliefs, an accusation of Major Hasan would have been characterized as “a false, fascist and reactionary scare tactic of some right-wing racist nut-job” by approximately 65.895% of the people screaming for someone’s head on a platter today.  And it would have been the end of some well-intentioned investigators’ careers had they followed their instincts and outted him.

In today’s environment, any such accuser would have been forced to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Hasan was a danger to society and should be incarcerated or otherwise defanged.   We know that would have been impossible; for proof, we only need look at the pseudo-sympathy directed at Major Hasan, even AFTER HE PROVED he was a danger.  Even while they acknowledge the evil of his deed, his apologists (“this wasn’t an act of terror, it was just the act of a madman who happened to be a Muslim”) act as if the degree of his derangement somehow exonerates the Obama administration.  The failure caused by having pursued a confused set of priorities with regard to preventing, dare we say it, Islam-inspired terrorism, is excused by, well, the acts of a known madman.

The alternative?  Consider something along the lines of Abraham Lincoln’s approach in the Civil War as applied to domestic terrorist suspects.  We are (or at least episodically claim to be) at war with radical Islamists (not all of them, just the ones trying to mutilate us by the thousands).  I suggest we err on the side of saving innocent American lives, yes, even at the risk of infringing on an unfortunate Muslim’s civil rights.  If the millions of the decent, patriotic, law-abiding Muslims (the ones who do not wish to mutilate ANY of us) want the heat taken off of themselves and their innocent brethren, they will help their country find and discard the bad apples.  Then we’ll relax the rules and stop profiling them at airports instead of ordering thousands of TSA agents to frisk my 13-year old and make him throw away his nail clippers.

I dare a member of Congress or the Obama Administration to propose that approach. We might discover who really is for preventing the next Fort Hood or 9/11 or Boston Marathon catastrophe and who just likes being on TV a lot.


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