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When is Then?

In Opinion on April 13, 2013 at 6:17 pm

In the Imperial City, Washington, DC, the emperor isn’t the only nudist. One group that is particularly painfully aware of this problem are entrepreneurs who make their lives in sight of but not as part of the small, highly compensated cadre that oversees and directs the disposition of $3.6 trillion (and rising) of someone else’s money each and EVERY year.

The business people who live among those moochers are beginning to resent (not to say envy) the lobbyist’s big house, limo driver, and precocious, ill-behaved kids. They detest that the political class produces nothing, save a generation that expects to inherit a claim on political power – think Al Gore and Evan Bayh. They resent that the cycle is self-perpetuating, since seniority is tantamount to tenure, and power increases in direct proportion to the quantity of favors given and, consequently, favors owed. They abhor that even a tiny voice in the disposition of $3.7 trillion is an enormous, indefensible and unjust level of power over people’s lives, and they regret that access to that power is auctioned to the highest bidder.

It’s not that the lifestyle purchased with those auction proceeds – indirectly your tax dollars – for the political class is better than the lifestyle of a wealthy people anywhere else in America. Rather, the people who witness the mooching are made despondent by the spectacle of unearned opulence. They despair because they know that without his power to compel others to pay for his luxurious fringe benefits, the soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky, for example, would likely be mucking stalls at Churchill Downs – no offense to farmhands in Louisville.

And, the business people not dependent on the favors and protection rackets controlled by the political class cringe when lectured by careerists like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer, or well-connected corporatists like Jeffrey Immelt and Jamie Dimon, on business matters as they relate to public policy. Their contempt is heightened because they know that former Congressman Frank and those corporate shills are selling and buying, respectively, protection and exemptions from tens of thousands of pages of laws and regulations that ensnare the small-business community and stymie productive endeavors. The more pages written into the federal register, the more expensive are memberships in the US Chamber of Commerce and The Pharmaceutical Manufactures Association,, as it takes their insiders’ knowledge to navigate the maze of laws and the halls of Congress without tripping the wires or falling into the traps. The president of the US Chamber’s $4 million pay package, fringe benefits, and grandiose office a couple hundred yards from the White House are a function of his and his staff’s unquestioned ability to get the attention of any and every ‘important‘ fellow nudist in Washington, DC.

Success in DC is defined as having the power to take money from that guy and give it to a purportedly more deserving group of rent seekers while letting just enough crumbs fall into the right hands to buy the votes needed to retain power. Businessmen know that for anything to be taken, it has first to be produced.  They know that reallocating wealth is not an alternative way of creating it. The Washington lies will continue until they can no longer, until we’ve drained all there is from the well, then, and exactly THEN, everything you love and cherish will end.

Freedom-loving Americans are angry because they know it’s almost THEN o’clock.


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