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NRA vs Hollywood – A Truce

In Opinion on April 5, 2013 at 10:30 am

Campbell Brown suggests (in this Wall Street journal OpEd) that Barack Obama use the power of the presidency and “show some real bravery by taking on Hollywood” to improve the content of its television and movie productions in addition to brow beating the National Rifle Association into submission.

I have a better idea, Ms. Brown.  Let’s get the government out of the culture, out of our lives in general.  Imagine if every problem – whether it’s a lack of quality TV, internet connectivity, or inadequate access to birth control and Viagra – were not deemed proof of a need for another law or regulation?  What if we let 325 million people go about solving the problems of their and their neighbors’ lives while resisting the conceit that 536 men and women in Washington, DC have enough information and knowledge to make life safe and prosperous for the rest of us, but only if we send them enough of our money?  Maybe we could refrain from bringing to bear the brute force of the law to coerce men constantly to adjust their lives in ways that are against their self-interest and contrary to their free will?  Is it possible that 325 million people possess more wisdom than Harry Reid, John Boehner and their cronies on Capitol Hill?

A just, moral set of laws has as its sole purposes punishing the taking of property or life and enforcing contracts between or among free men and women (see F. Bastiat, The Law, 1850).  To beseech the government to use its power to compel certain ‘good’ behavior is to ask for tyranny.  Such a plea is the product of minds that have failed to grasp the profound power, morality and justice that derives from individual sovereignty and liberty restrained only by an unyielding respect for the inviolate freedom of other men.

Ms. Brown, let’s call off the dogs, let’s leave the president and the state out of moral, cultural and social questions.  If you desire to influence someone’s behavior, go ahead – organize a boycott, send letters, march with signs, make speeches . . . but let’s not invoke the force of law.  Please.  I swear I won’t, so long as you do not threaten me or mine, ever send the law after you.


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