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Lindsey Graham dines with Barack Obama – Fawning Shenanigans

In Opinion on March 7, 2013 at 11:20 am

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Washington is aflutter because last night Barack Obama deigned to break bread with 12 US Senators.  Peace and civility broke out!  Promise of compromise fills the air.  Are you as disturbed as I am?

Why does Washington fawn over elected officials fawning over each other?  Why should the shenanigans of a small subset of 536 people in Washington, DC matter so much, or even matter at all?  Do we actually revere the man who said “give me liberty or give me death” or is that just a fairy tale taught to children about a long ago lost day and time?

We have monuments to great men in Washington, DC.  Those monuments enshrine the noble acts of certain men who were destroyers of, not abusers of, political power.  Today’s political class misrepresent their predecessors’ greatness and besmirch their legacies.  George Washington hated and eschewed power – especially in his own hands.  He risked his life to destroy the power of men over men.  When he declined to serve a third term as president, he did so not as an act of selflessness (as we are taught) he did so as the most selfish act possible – he wanted back HIS life.  He did not want power, he did not want to govern, to lead or be fed by other men, he wanted to live.  Now the city that bears his name is awash with men and women who would disgust him, who wrap themselves in the flag, use his name and monument as backdrops to acts of tyranny the likes of which he pledged his life, his fortune and his sacred honor to defeat.

Want the answers?  Don’t look to the politicians, look to the George Washington inside of you.  Find your own civility . . . not the kind displayed, like a stage act, with Lindsey Graham being feted by Barack Obama.  No.  Civility among free men is found in communities in which they live their own lives.  A community where men help their neighbors only when they ask for it and, then only when they deserve it.  Outsourcing compassion to Washington, DC produces distance, distrust and, as we’re seeing now, disaster and division.  Not a one of our ills will be repaired by someone who resides near or depends upon the federal fisc for his food and shelter.  When King George overstepped the lines, our forebears didn’t ask for a better king.  They did not seek to reform the monarchy, and they didn’t attempt a regicide.  Instead they declared, simply, we are free.

I am free.  I want to live in a civil, free, just and moral country.  I want to re-found a civil society.

Civil society? What is that? I think it’s what we had before we decided to let a few hundred people in Washington DC write all the rules for 300,000,000 people, before Washington DC decided it had the power to determine the disposition of over 25% of what we produce each year, and before we thought somebody with a badge or a title was responsible for our safety and our welfare.

Take back your life Americans.  The men and women in DC are not angels, and they have not the ability, the duty nor any intention of making your life better.  They, as should you, live for themselves.  Everything they say to the contrary is a lie, and you’ll die waiting for them to save you.

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