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Does the GOP Have Any Spine?

In Opinion on February 14, 2013 at 10:45 am

hagelDemocrats are aghast that the GOP is threatening to block Chuck Hagels appointment to be SecDef with a filibuster.  They’re screaming about the “FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF OUR GREAT NATION THAT. . . ”

First, I resent their casual affiliation of our great nation with their pettiness.

Second, and more on point, maybe it’s the first time because no POTUS before this one has ever dared entrust such an important job to such a known unqualified political hack.

Third, I have little hope that the GOP will stand firm in their opposition.  The leftists will throw mud and the kitchen sink at them, the mud will stick.  Then 7 or 8 of them will cave, and the episode will have accomplished nothing except a seeming confirmation of the lie that the “extremist, obstructionist idiotic right-wing nuts of the GOP are what’s wrong with this country.”

Thank you very little, Mitch McConnell.

  1. Conservatives know the GOP is more worried about sound bites and re election, to stand for anything. You fooled us once.

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