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Who wants a weaker America?

In Opinion on February 1, 2013 at 9:23 am
hagelYesterday, Senator Hagel spent eight hours bobbing and weaving, dodging questions, pleading ignorance, and equivocating.  He was supposed to be convincing a US Senate committee that he should be in charge of the largest military force ever assembled.  He failed.  Miserably.The White House has revealed its response to his failure to convince his questioners of his ability and qualifications to serve as Secretary of Defense.  The White House puppets on Morning Joe told us today that Mr Hagel was ill-prepared and that Senators McCain, Graham and others should have been more respectful of him.

A more accurate critique would be to observe that Mr Hagel is demonstrably not qualified for the position of SecDef.  Near the end of his testimony, he said “a number of questions were asked of me today about specific programs: submarine programs, different areas of technology and acquisitions, and our superior technology.  And, I’ve said, I don’t know enough about it.  I don’t.  There are a lot of things I don’t know about.  If confirmed, I intend to know a lot more than I do.  I will have to.”

Makes one wonder:  Did anyone at the White House read Mr Hagel’s resume before they sent his nomination to the Senate?  My ansewr:  YES, they did.

obamasmoking A beginner, an unqualified place holder, an order-taker – that’s exactly who they want at the Pentagon.  Someone who will watch over the dismantling of America’s fighting forces and endorse the administration’s “lead from behind” approach to the increasingly unstable world order that is increasingly dismissive of the USA.  Is it possible that the administration wants America to be less important in the world?

Want to define the Obama Doctrine.  Watch Mr Hagel pretend to disavow virtually every foreign policy position he’s ever taken.  The White House knows what Mr Hagel thinks.  He believes that America is over-extended, Israel is too powerful in the Middle East and the Pentagon is bloated.

In other words . . . A Weaker America.  The Obama Doctrine.


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