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Political Power For Sale; Karl Rove chosen as Auctioneer

In Opinion on November 15, 2012 at 10:21 am

Originally posted December 2011.

In The Wall Street Journal of December 29, Karl Rove offers his predictions about the political battles of 2012.  Correction, the political races of 2012. In the real political battle (the debate about passage of laws) there’s no reason to have an opinion, since to Karl Rove and everyone else in Washington, DC, WHAT matters relatively little compared to WHO.

Speaking as a business owner, I have long suspected that Mr. Rove has never done a thing in his life for which I’d pay $1.00.  Coincidentally, recently on MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell told us the last reason I needed to hold that opinion.  In 200[x] Rove offered outgoing Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson the position of Secretary of Agriculture, so that Nebraska’s governor (with an R after his name) could name his replacement.

I am sickened by that.  Sure, a senate majority can matter to a president’s legislative agenda, and, Agriculture, . . . well, how much damage can an old, dishonest dunce do from there, right?

Oh, really? – then why in God’s name do we make it a cabinet position with all the trappings of power.  It shows what a sham the whole city of DC has become.  The only end for those people is POWER, not good policy; nothing but POWER matters.  A hack like Rove can hand out cabinet positions willy-nilly if that helps the ‘party’ have more power.  Vomitus.

To [ab]use the appointment process as just another political tool is disgusting and probably illegal.  It ought not need to be illegal – men possessed of such power should hold it in sacred trust, and personal shame from any abuse thereof should be the only necessary deterrent.  Instead, possessing the discretion to exercise such power is a sign of having reached the top of the heap, and in DC abuse of power is more praiseworthy and highly-rewarded in direct proportion to its blatancy.

Now, the power broker of power brokers, Rove, makes a fortune analyzing horse races, having never in his life done a single productive thing, having spent his life simply out-flanking other political hacks, so that he can rise to be the senior-most hack, judging other hacks’ candidates’ ability to play the game of accumulating power.  That talent is worth millions of dollars only because the government controls the giving of favors and sells protection from competition and exemptions from harmful regulation.  The monetary values of the levers of power are directly proportionate to the amount of power behind those levers.  And, when the inevitable auction of power is held, it will be sold to the highest bidder every time.  Rove’s crowd knows that, Rove’s crowd lives and craves to perpetuate it, all day every day, thus making their access to the levers more valuable as the government gets bigger.  !$Cha-Ching$!

Suggestion: engage Karl Rove, David Axelrod, Charles Krauthammer, Chris Matthews or Ann Coulter in a discussion covering a topic about which they know nothing: try to discuss with them real life, real freedom, making payroll, mowing the lawn, or going a week without a television appearance.  Talk about the America of our fathers and mothers who didn’t spend their every waking moment worrying about who will be the next Assistant Deputy Director of XYZ-PDQ, because politicians in a small(er) government couldn’t harm them and expect to survive in office.  After that discussion, we’ll see who has an understanding of America, and who is awash in the filth of Washington, DC, and ought to be kept away from any place he might influence the actions of the state.

May God save this country, I pray.


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