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Will You Own Your Life or Serve Others?

In Opinion on November 7, 2012 at 4:24 pm

As I type, there are approximately 59,600,000 people who think that, since 59,599,999 other people agree with their choice of Barack Obama as POTUS, they now have the power to tell 57,000,000 Romney voters AND 200,000,000 of their countrymen how to live our lives. Barack Obama and the rest of Washington, DC – including every Republican – intend to help them keep you in your place.

The fact those 59.6 million Obama supporters fail to grasp is it that the 536 men and women who write the laws will not write any exemptions for anyone but themselves. The laws they pass will apply to every last arrogant one of them – unless they have a highly paid lobbyist on their payroll. They think they put the Romney voters and the rest of us in our place. They will soon see that they put themselves there as well – right into the shackles the keys of which are held by a political class that sees no limits to its power to tax and otherwise regulate and control the flow of capital, the production of energy, the distribution of medical goods and services, the production of motor vehicles, and any other part of your life they think you might be spending outside their approved guidelines.

We know now that neither Mitt Romney nor any one in the Republican Party will defend our freedom and our individual liberties. It does not follow that we must lie down. It does not follow that we must click our heels and salute.

Their laws presume that I owe a portion of my life to something they call the community, and that they have to power to determine what that portion will be. Any laws with that premise are immoral and unjust. While I renounce them, I will not breach them overtly, as martyrdom is not my calling nor suicide my duty, but I will undermine their laws and their efforts to control you and me with all my might. With my last breath I will scream of my right to own

and live

my life

for me.

In 1776 our forebears faced a crisis of conscience – would they be free or serve their king? We know what they did for themselves. What will you do? Will you declare your own independence or will you serve your country?

  1. However I can help in any way, please let me know!!
    We must not let our Republic fall!!!

  2. I think I’ll live for others. Let me know what your plan is though.

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