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Benghazi: The Dissembling Continues

In Opinion on October 28, 2012 at 7:01 pm

According to Secretary of Defense Panetta, the administration needed more information, otherwise we would have sent in reinforcements to help our countrymen in Benghazi.  (See NY Times for details of his explanation.)

And, if you believe that one . . .

Hmmm.  A few follow-up questions:

1.  Mr. Secretary, was it your or the President’s concern that an uprising caused by a video on YouTube would be carried out by miscreants in possession of weaponry and armaments that could or might overpower the US Army?  If so, does that cause you to reconsider the budget cuts contemplated by the sequestration that is part of standing law.

2.  Mr. Secretary, why didn’t you or anyone in the White House tell us before now that you considered sending help but decided against it?  Why does it take 7 weeks to find out what YOU did/didn’t do and why?  Who did you ask and may we question him?

3.  Mr. Secretary, why didn’t you (and/or others in positions to act) know more about what was happening on the ground?  Wasn’t Amb. Stevens there on official duty?  When DID you find out what was happening and what have you done about it since then?

4.  When a trained Navy Seal or a US ambassador calls for help, is it standard practice to assume that the situation is too dangerous to comply with the request, or was this an exceptional case?  Why?  In the future, will Navy Seals and/or ambassadors get different training or briefings on whether they should or should not expect assistance when they report that their lives are in danger?

5.  Mr. Secretary, was the President involved in the determination that we didn’t possess enough information?  Who else was involved?  What factors were considered?  Did anyone take notes?  What information did you possess that led you to believe there was too much unknown information to risk a rescue operation?

6.  The President has previously said that ‘the minute [he] knew what was happening’ he ordered that everything possible should be done to protect American lives.  When did he issue that order?  Was that order carried out, or was it ignored because of the risk associated with the lack of knowledge of the situation on the ground?  If so, when did you report to Mr. Obama that his orders had been reversed?  How did he respond when presented with that information?

Add your questions in the comment section.


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