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Benghazi – Flushed Down the Memory Hole?

In Opinion on October 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm

On September 10, 2012, the day before Ambassador Stevens died in Benghazi, the NY Times published a lengthy report on the failure of George W Bush to anticipate and prevent the attacks that occurred 11 years earlier.  Click here – NY Times

The next day, certain Americans in the White House watched as a CIA outpost in Benghazi was overrun by Islamic jihadists and four of us perished.

Today a search for “Benghazi” on the NY Times website (Here) returns a list of opinion pieces and several news pieces.  Not one of them contains any scrutiny of the sitting president’s actions.  Several of them criticize Republicans’ (Mr. Romney in particular) “politicization” of the tragedy.

Oh well.  Based on what I’ve read in the last few days on various news organizations’ websites and in comment threads, the Obama team and their hacks have concluded that this is the way to summarize the Benghazi situation:

“YouTube video started it, and GOP budget cuts made it worse. Obama knew immediately that this was terrorism, besides it’s a chickenshit, partisan issue and nothing more than another bump in the road. Hillary took the blame for it already any way, you jackass right-wing nut. Bush should have stopped 9/11/01 from happening too, because he had even more warnings about that than Obama had about this attack! And, we can’t comment until we complete the ongoing investigation to find out what Obama knew and when he knew it. No one is more interested in knowing what Obama knew than, um, himself. Are we clear for take-off to Vegas yet?”

That’s all clear.

Now, don’t let them flush it down the memory hole.  SCREAM LOUDER.


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