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VP Debate – Forget Biden. Want Chains or Rope?

In Opinion on October 12, 2012 at 9:59 am

In the 2012 election, during the debate between the two candidates for VP, a reporter, Martha Raddatz, asked in a calm, level tone, “If your ticket is elected, which men shall serve others and who shall be master?”

Ok, her actual words were “If your ticket is elected, who will pay more in taxes and who will pay less?”  No one blinked, neither candidate flinched. There was no gasp, not even a peep in the room, after that question was posed during the VP debate.

Forget Joe Biden’s antics.  All we need to know about today’s political situation and our civilization’s downward spiral is in that question and the seemingly universal view that it is an appropriate one to ask. Both candidates dipped eagerly and instinctively into their standard rhetoric to tell us which man in their view is less free than his masters.  They knew, without pause or reflection, what portion of which men’s lives were to be sacrificed for the sake of their more deserving, needy neighbor.

Freedom is fragile, it is hated and will be attacked by politicians, meaning vile, puerile men who covet and then possess power over men. Vigilance is necessary to maintain our freedom, and we let down our guard at some point between the time one man wrote “We hold these truths” and another defiantly said, “Tear down that wall.” Now, our liberty is being crushed with our aid and consent.

The government constituted in 1789 to preserve and protect freedom and individual rights in America was not empowered to divide its citizens, not even based on their income. Yet, the men who have custody of that government ignore their duty to us and have arrogated unto themselves the power to pass one set of laws for group A and another for B. That is immoral and unjust by any rational standard that recognizes, as it must, the fundamental premise of our foundational documents – the sovereignty of the individual and his reign over his life. The rule of law is extinct, replaced by the rule of voting coalitions. Organized mobs rule your life.

If we don’t wince, shriek in fear – if we won’t revolt in protest to that power – we deserve the tyranny we get. To acquiesce to that power is the first step on the road to serfdom. To vote, to actively campaign in favor of one man or group having that power over any man, be he rich or poor, black or white, is to don the shackles ourselves, to slip the noose over our own head.


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