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They think YOU are dumb.

In Opinion on October 9, 2012 at 9:26 am

Are you kidding me?! Is this the bottom? I think not. In the asylum, the inmates have given control over to the children.

This is how the Obama campaign thinks the voter should be treated.

And, it starts at the top.  He thinks OJ Simpson jokes are fit for Presidential campaigns.

And we’re supposed to think that elections matter? This is the level of discourse that the political class wallows in. The candidates, the people who run campaigns, staff Congressional offices, run lobbying firms, rush about the West Wing pretending to be busy saving the nation from the other side’s attempt to stop funding research of beetle dung – this is their language, this is their doodling, this is their LIFE.

Not sure Romney’s team is any better, but on the over/under bet, I’m taking over – but only betting a dime.

  1. You don’t know the difference between offensive and petty? I’m not offended by Obama’s smallness, I’m disturbed and, on one level, amused by it. The ‘whores and pimps’ title was clearly a metaphor – know how those work? Your attempts to be clever and wise are a waste of your time. You aren’t up to the task. Try a new hobby.

  2. I was pretty sure you’d crawl into your hole. Now stay there.

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