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Bump in the Road

In Opinion on October 1, 2012 at 7:08 pm

For days now, the administration has been busy telling us that the Susan Rice explanation of riots and murders in Libya (“spontaneous unrest caused by a YouTube video”) was based on early reports from intelligence community sources.  Uh, that’s either a (1) blatant lie or (2) all the evidence a sensible president would need to fire (a) ALL of the intelligence officers who reported such nonsense up the chain of command and (b) everyone up the chain of command who repeated it without any critical thinking.

I think we can conclude that it’s a lie and, as importantly, a smoke-screen.  Most of the public (especially in this case the Obama-loving media) gives great deference to ‘intelligence sources’ so as to not interfere with their dangerous work or expose them to harm by revealing their cover or techniques. The administration has made the bet that the ‘intelligence community’ will not be prone to much, if any, public scrutiny in this matter.  So the spies and agents are convenient scapegoats who will, in turn and for their own reasons, hesitate to deny any accusations of incompetence, particularly if no individual agent is the subject of the smears.  What a crock all around.

(It smells more of Hillary than Barack, but . . . she’s not on the ballot, he is.  Something specific, something other than the abject failure of his policy agenda, is being hidden by the smoke screen.)

Can anyone in the Romney camp see straight?  They’re stuck defending a supposedly ill-timed press release and Q & A session; why don’t they see the forest?

  1. what’s to explain. no logical analysis could conclude that a video caused riots, no matter how low is your opinion of the people who participated in the riots and the murders. They acted deliberately and of their own volition, they planned it (ask the Libyan government) – it was not a spontaneous uprising caused by an uncontrollable response to an insulting video. The Obama administration knows that, and their attempt to blame initial intelligence reports for their lie is another bogus and contemptible lie. That they (and you) perpetuate the idea that the people of Libya are like Pavlov’s Dog is, uh, childish and insulting of Libyans and the intelligence of American voters.

    Now, go away

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