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Don’t Apologize for ME Anymore, Mr. Obama

In Opinion on September 26, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Thomas Friedman in New York Times, September 25, 2012.

In “Backlash to the Backlash” Mr. Friedman tells us that “moderate” Muslims are disavowing and condemning the recent violent acts of Al Qaeda members who were purportedly insulted by a 14-minute film parody on the internet. He seems to suggest that this backlash-squared to some degree atones for or makes more bearable the deaths of 4 Americans and thousands of Arabs?  Well, since not one rational person ever said that ALL Muslims are evil, it makes no sense to suggest that if millions of them disavow evil, it exculpates or otherwise has any relevance to the thousands of Muslims who are evil.

Our war isn’t against Islam, per se, and this article knocks down a straw man while making the obvious and unrelated point that “not all Muslims are bad.” Our war is against a sect that despises freedom and the modern norms of the West. That sect’s culture is rooted in Islam and 99.999% of its adherents are Muslims. It is not important to know what percentage of Muslims are good or evil, since all peaceful people of every race, color and creed are against murder regardless of the number of the murderer’s brethren who practice the same religion more peacefully and without committing murder.

“Yeah, but his mom was a sweet woman” is hardly a defense of, say, Stalin or Charles Manson. And, during the Jerry Sandusky ordeal, I don’t recall anyone asking Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier to assure us that they do not employ pedophiles on their staff.  Evil is Evil.  Full Stop.

I do not hold all Muslims responsible for the acts of murder committed by their estranged, deranged brethren, and their denial of complicity in those acts is insulting, obnoxious, unmoving and irrelevant.  Likewise, when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, claiming to speak on behalf of America, assure the world that I and my fellow Americans had nothing to do with making the 14-minute video, but we, the United States, are sorry for it nonetheless.

Don’t apologize for any of us anymore, Mr. Obama.  Speak for yourself.

  1. You are a racist, because you think that Arabs/Muslims are not capable of being reasonable. Take that attitude and shove it up your ass.

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