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Leftists Fear Some Success Stories, Cheer Others

In Opinion on September 25, 2012 at 10:08 am

The commentary from the left about Mitt Romney’s financial success and tax rate causes me to wonder:  How do they really feel about success in America?

Dear Leftists,

Is Mitt Romney’s version of success acceptable to you?  After a comfortable childhood and an Ivy League education, he spent 25 years building wealth for himself, his family, and his partners.  He supported and created business enterprises that employ thousands, enabling them to buy food, clothes, housing, medicine and education for their families.  He has given exceedingly generously to the Mormon Church and other charities.  He is 65, wealthy and running for the presidency at a point in his life at which most men would prefer to coast to the finish line.

Or, is Barack Obama’s life a better version of successful?  He and Michelle, we’re told, paid off their student loans just 8 years ago, so he was not financially successful before he made his way up the political ladder.  Now he’s the President of the United States, after serving in the Illinois state senate and briefly in the US Senate.  He has made millions from two autobiographical memoirs (yes, two, already – he turned 51 this summer) and assuredly will make millions more when he is relieved of his duty as commander in chief of the US military.

Or, let’s take Bill and Hillary Clinton; maybe you admire their version of success.  Their combined resumé contains Ivy League law school degrees, a law firm partnership (after her husband was elected governor), a stint as a congressional committee lawyer, three terms as the governor of Arkansas, two as the President of the United States, one and 1/2 terms in the US Senate, the title First Lady of the US, and four years as Secretary of State.  Sometime between her ‘First Lady-ship” and her service in the Senate, she made millions from a book deal.  After his presidency, Mr. Clinton cashed-in big with book deals and on the lecture circuit.  The couple are in their mid-60s and reportedly has a net worth in excess of $100,000,000, and they can’t seem to grow tired of being political celebrities.

Or, maybe your version of success is Sheldon Adelson’s humble beginnings followed by enormous self-made wealth.  Mr. Adelson was born in 1933 to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants who lived in a Boston suburb.  After selling toiletries, he opened a charter bus business.  Later he created billions of dollars of wealth for himself and numerous investment partners in the convention and casino businesses that employ thousands of people who support their families with the paychecks they earn from those businesses.  He’s 78 years old, has donated 100s of millions of dollars to various charities and recently has spent some of his fortune to express his views about certain political matters, i.e. to exercise his First Amendment rights.


So, we have a couple of guys who made loads of money in the private sector contrasted with a couple other guys (+ one wife each) who, we’re told, decided to forego big-money careers and pursue a life of “public service” (a.k.a. exercising power over other people’s lives) and then, upon reaching the pinnacle of that version of career success, turn their rolodex and access to power into a money machine that lines their pockets while they produce nothing but noise and hot air.

The American left praises and reveres the public-service version of success.  They treat the other version with suspicion and disdain and constantly insinuate that, where there’s private success, there’s likely much malfeasant activity.

Want to know how a person’s mind works?  Notice what they fear and what they cheer.

What do you fear/cheer?

I say “Three Cheers for what the Leftists’ Fear!”

And, Cheers!


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