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All About Your President – Did You Read the Book or See the Movie?

In Opinion on August 28, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Dinesh D’Souza’s recent movie (“2016: Obama’s America”) has been praised by the right and panned by the left.  (Surprised?)  One of the criticisms the President’s defenders attempt to put over on us is that Mr. D’Souza didn’t base his movie on facts.  Those defenders must not have read “Dreams from My Father,” the president’s first autobiography, written when he had reached the wizened age of thirty-three.  All the evidence that supports the theme of the movie is right there, in the President’s own words.

Well, I have read the book.  It reads more like a novel or a screenplay than a biography.  It is a romanticized, beyond belief, revisionist’s version of a man’s early life, yet it reveals a frame of mind and world view that is decidedly unAmerican.  The writing is an overwrought act of arrogance, performance art of a sort, and the book is more about being a ‘good write’ than a good read.

Nonetheless, I suffered through it to get to know this mystery man.  What do we find?  He hates America, he resents white men – including that half of himself – he sees all of life through a racial lens, and he believes that wealth and natural resources are the same thing.

I took a lot of notes.  I’ve cleaned them up and added them to a scanned PDF.  Over the next few days (or weeks?) I will share those margin notes here.  I start with the five-page introduction.  Click below and the PDF will open for your reading pleasure.  More to come; it gets even more fun.

Dreams from My Father – The Introduction


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