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Crime Prevention Can Wait Until After the Crime?

In Opinion on August 2, 2012 at 3:29 pm

In recent discussions, to seem less racist or regressive, I’ve abstained from expressing a view on the level of voter fraud, the need for new laws or better enforcement of existing laws – except to say that it’s, um, odd to me that anyone would suggest that LESS scrutiny is a good thing, because there doesn’t seem to be any widespread problem.  Do they really mean to say “Let’s not overdo law enforcement, well, unless that particular crime gets really, really bad.”  If so, OK, I’m glad to understand their point, but it makes me wonder.  You?

But, to move along to a more interesting question:  Alleged “voter suppression” is the basis for much of the opposition to new, stricter laws.

Without irony or any reflection, the left outspokenly says that the GOP intends with these new laws to suppress the vote of the poor and minorities.  They suggest that the GOP suspects that lower turn-out of poor, black people will help the GOP win more elections.  Hmmm.  Are they admitting that the Democratic Party is buying the votes of the poor with cash, food stamps and other such entitlement programs?  I think YES, they are confessing to their schemes, nay, crimes.  To abuse the public fisc to perpetuate their own power is criminal.  OK, maybe not, but it ought to be.

Three questions:

1.  Does it follow that it is wise and logical for those stingy, non-vote-buying Republicans to be worried about the poor, minority vote going unusually disproportionately to Democrats?

2.  What if 95% of whites vote for Mitt Romney; would there be more or less racial tension and invective coming from the Democrats?

3.  Should rich, white people let the government continue to plunder their property and buy votes with it?

Just wondering.


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