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The Second Amendment, Justice and Culture, Cain and Abel

In Opinion on July 23, 2012 at 4:10 pm

“Justice delayed is justice denied” once said a wise man.  MSNBC legal experts are reporting that it could be up to one year before we see the criminal trial of James Holmes, the Aurora, CO shooter.  The defendant was caught armed with multiple weapons, and there are dozens of eye-witnesses to his crimes.  His defense will be “insanity” – Well, DUH!

The misuse of our justice system and our national culture as laboratories for behavioral scientists is having its effect on our youth.  Look around – our pop-culture and the political left’s acts conspire to stretch the limits, challenge authority, suspect and abandon tradition, promote abortion as a ‘choice’ of convenience, spend millions to advertise the availability of food stamps to make poverty acceptable and less painful, remove the shame of misbehaving, demean achievement and undermine property rights (“You didn’t build that”).

And, I hear that it’s the NRA’s and the Second Amendment’s fault that Mr. Holmes went on a shooting spree.  Oh, and apparently Pennsylvania State University raped little boys, so the NCAA announced today that it will confiscate $60 million from the university’s endowment to fund anti-child-abuse education programs.  Why?  Because, well, there are so many pro-child-abuse groups out there, and we all know that institutions, rather than individuals, are responsible for crimes.  Harsh punishment of criminals either doesn’t happen or, oddly, isn’t enough, so we have to ‘send a message’ by funding a study or an anti-crime foundation.

Here’s a message – you kill, you die.

Another wise man said “you reap what you sew.”

We’ve had insane men and death since our first-born brother, Cain, killed Abel, the first dead man.  We’ve had guns for hundreds of years.  We’ve had the Second Amendment for 200+ years.  We’ve had a deteriorating culture for about 40 years – since, say, the Batman TV show was cancelled.  Look at mass killing statistics and murder trial transcripts for the last 50 years and then tell me where the blame belongs.

  1. Let’s just say it’s unfortunate that someone w/a conceal and carry wasn’t in that theater that night. Our justise system wouldn’t be trying him. He’d be six feet under.

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