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Is Barack Obama Banal or Profound?

In Opinion on July 18, 2012 at 6:13 pm

Our president is catching some heat over remarks he made in Roanoke, Virginia last Friday.  The Romney camp is suggesting that the comments were anti-business, anti-capitalism and border on an endorsement of socialism.  The Obama team, including its cheerleaders in the press, are shocked, and they are upbraiding the right-wing nuts for taking the remarks out of context and misconstruing a basic statement in support of the American ideal of teamwork and shared success for crass political purposes.

I’ve been wondering, and asking a few left-leaning friends, this question:  Can anyone restate what Mr. Obama said so that it (1) means the same thing as what he actually said and (2) can’t be misconstrued to suggest that he doesn’t understand free enterprise or otherwise misunderstood.

The answer I’ve gotten is “He was simply saying every successful business owner and entrepreneur gets help from many quarters.”

That means to me that, on last Friday, we got a load of banality from the man who is purportedly the greatest orator of our time.  But I find it odd that he made that trivial point over a 3 or 4 paragraph portion of a speech, whereas I can make the point in less than 10 words.  OH, and it’s part of a speech the theme of which was about the fairness of increasing taxes on the rich to help pay for a bigger government.  It was part of a speech in which he likened individual success and achievers’ debt to society to the collective effort necessary to pull off  projects like the moon shot, the GI Bill, Hoover Dam and the fire department.

Hmmm.  So, we’re to believe, I guess, that the president inserted the “we’re all in this together” paragraphs as a friendly, fatherly reminder of a trivial fact that has nothing to do with the rest of his [long] speech.

Yeah that’s what happened.  Harmless and meaningless words were shouted randomly, fingers pointing and arms waving, during a stem-winder of a stump speech to a roaring crowd at a campaign stop.  He wasn’t revealing anything about the way he thinks the private sector is beholden to the government.  He was merely making the obvious, innocuous point that Americans help each other a lot.

Got it.  Oh, and call me – I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’m trying to unload.

Go see for yourself and tell me that the ‘just making a point about working together’ explanation makes sense:  Text of Obama remarks


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