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Free [Black] Men and the Left’s Ideological Plantation

In Opinion on July 12, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Fox News recently aired a disturbingly revealing bit of video exposing one of its contributors/pundits/hosts as a racist.  Bob Beckel, in his attempt to apologize for having called Congressman Allen West on a previous show, instead goes one better and tells the audience what he really thinks – that the congressman has escaped the plantation and, being the ignorant Negro [my words, Beckel’s insinuation] that he better get back in line before he gets his ass kicked.

Which part of West’s statements are untrue or ignorant?

Mr. West seems to be telling his audience that, in his personal experience, he has been told to march to the liberal drumbeat because, after all, he is merely an unthinking black man.  Blacks, he infers from his OWN experience, are expected and supposed to obey the liberal elite and take the scraps you’re given, Jesse Jackson.

So, Beckel responds with “he has the right to speak, even if what he says is ignorant.”

How can a man’s telling of his own experience be ignorant or wrong.  Has Beckel enough data and knowledge of West’s life to know that (1) West is hallucinating, (2) West is being paid to be an Uncle Tom, or (3) that West is unhinged and can’t properly interpret the signals that he receives from the white liberals he encounters?

No, Beckel is making the assumption that, since West is not parrotting what, for example, the NAACP says, he must be an ignorant black man.  Then Beckel doubles down and asserts his own moral superiority by suggesting that his participation in race protests and marches trumps whatever else West might have done ‘for blacks.’  That is Allen’s other, but unspoken, point.  West lives a life based on the belief that living a free life, serving his country, being his own man is at least as important as Beckel’s having protested on behalf of those helpless black folks.  West nor I would ever suggest that Beckel’s prior acts of patriotism do not count, only that they do not trump West’s actions, or make Beckel a better man or less of a racist.

Indeed, Beckel’s whole point is based on the premise that all black men and women need his and the government’s help.  That’s the most insidious, harmful race-based attitude of them all.  If any of the right-leaning TV pundits on Fox News (or any other media outlet) were to display such a blatantly anti-black sentiment, he’d be lynched.


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