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Outsourced Compassion

In Opinion on July 5, 2012 at 3:28 pm

And, as applied to the current debate about how best to allocate health care services to a population of free men and women . . . no credit goes to anyone who forces a doctor to sell his talents and services or a drug company to sell its products for less than the price the market will bear.

I fear the day when I have a talent or a product a ‘majority’ wants badly enough to have the government come take it from me.  Do you share that concern?  Are you happy that it’s just the doctors and shareholders of insurance companies who get screwed under ObamaCare?  What about nurses?  What about the bricklayers who build hospitals?  What about the janitor who cleans the stalls in the hospital, the orderly who cleans bedpans, the guy who attends the parking garage . . . They are all part of delivering ‘health care’ and now the government, albeit indirectly, can determine the pay of every one of those people.

What about you and your livelihood?  Are YOU enough steps removed from the process of delivering health care that you feel safe?  If you think so, you’re a fool.  The majority is coming after YOU next, because they will have learned that you are not paying attention.  You won’t have a moral leg to stand on or argument to make when they tell you that you’re no longer free.  They’ll determine that the benefit others derive from your talents is more important than your right to earn a living with them.  After you accede to their ownership of the parking lot attendant at your hospital, they will conclude that you have no objection to such a servitude, and then it will be your turn to serve the public good instead of your selfish greedy self, you heartless bastard!

Of course, it will be for the ‘public good’ when they ask you to give up your life.  And, it will also be ‘Constitutional” . . . What will you say then about Chief Justice Roberts?

You’ve been warned.  What will you do about it?


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