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Supreme Court Enacts Public Option Health Care Act

In Opinion on June 28, 2012 at 3:18 pm

Here’s where we’re going now.

Employer will save money by eliminating their employee health care programs, pay the penalty and be done with that mess that the human resources people hate the most.  The employees will be forced into their state insurance exchange at which there will be exactly FOUR policies on offer.  Those policies vary only on premium charged and deductible/co-pay terms, and they are pre-priced by Dept of HHS.  If they don’t buy one of those policies, they are subject to a fine/penalty (now known, thanks to the Supremes, as a ‘tax’).

Most everybody knows that part.  Many more people are going to start to learn this part.  Some bleeding hearts in Congress cried about the penalty, saying “we can’t force poor people to pay a fine just because they can’t afford to buy the insurance we ordered them to buy.”  To buy their votes, the drafters of the law wrote a provision that says there is NO civil or criminal penalty for failure to pay the fine.  The fine has no teeth; none.

So, by pretending to solve the ‘free-loader’ problem (the straw-man they stood up as part of the rationale for the law) they created a system which encourages everyone to be a free-loader.  The law artificially reduces the price of insurance on the state exchanges so as to encourage employers to drop coverage.  There is no penalty for not having insurance.  Couple that with forcing insurance companies to sell policies to sick people at the last minute (i.e. people with ‘pre-existing conditions’) and most people will say, “I guess I’ll buy ‘insurance’ when I get sick and need someone else to pay doctor’s bill.

The problem is, eventually there’s no money in the the bank accounts of what used to be called ‘insurance companies’ because they no longer have a business model that works.  Everyone shows up sick with a check for the first month’s premium and buys UNLIMITED health care services.  Soon there’s no way to pay the doctor or the hospital or the drug maker or the pharmacist.  Soon with the industry on the verge of a melt down, the government steps in with the mother of all bail-outs, and, voila, we have the government single-payer system that Obama/Pelosi/Reid wanted from the beginning.

Remember the meeting the Dems had with Bill Clinton behind closed doors during the final days of the debate.  Nancy came out of the meeting with the biggest cat-ate-the-canary grin she’s ever had.  Clinton had told them what I’ve just written and told Nancy, et. al. to stop insisting on getting single-payer, government option by an act of Congress.  “Just be patient Nancy, let the disaster we’re teeing up just happen, and they’ll beg us for single-payer.  It’ll be more like an act of God.”  (See the clip here > Nancy Speaks – she said the ‘they’ll cry out’ part herself.)

We’re one giant step closer to the ledge.


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