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A Personal Declaration of Independence

In Opinion on June 26, 2012 at 3:58 pm

I am willing to be the last freedom-fighter in America, if, and only if, I must and at least one other person agrees with me.  In other words, like George Washington and his compatriots, I will not leave my country, and, again like Mr. Washington, I ask to be left alone, free and independent.  Anyone who wants to stay with me is welcome, even the leftists who keep suggesting that I pack my bags for a trip to Somalia, but only if they let me be free of their intrusive government tentacles.

Let me explain the reasons for my personal declaration of independence.

I’m in favor of smaller government.  I believe that individuals and private, voluntary associations of free men/women are better at addressing life’s challenges (and ameliorating the pain and sadness that attend to some of life) than is a government body possessed of the power to compel certain, preferred behaviors.  That is particularly true of government agencies in, say, Washington, DC, that are necessarily and naturally disengaged and disconnected from the culture and circumstances in, oh, Topeka, Kansas.  That belief is the rationale for suggesting that the federal government should tax/spend less of its citizens’ money.

As a consequence of expressing that preference, I’ve been called many names (ingrate, selfish piece of #^*#, stupid-ass libertarian, ignorant Faux News watcher, etc).  I can not count how many times a fellow citizen has suggested that I emigrate to Somalia since I am ‘against government.’  It is as if they believe that I, like they, have forgotten all the numbers between $0 and next years federal budget, $3,800,000,000,000 and that the only government in the world that is smaller than ours is in Somalia.

I have addressed big-government supporters’ disdain and intolerance of thinking that is contrary to their own (here and here) in the past, but a recent exchange causes me to return to the question:

Will I move to Somalia?

My answer; my final answer is NO.  Here’s why.

Yesterday, in response to a person having made that suggestion to me – making the relocation to Somalia rant – a good friend wrote in a Facebook comment thread:  The guy [me] who just wants to be left alone is the one who has to leave?  Shouldn’t the people who want to impose their wishes on him and others be the ones to form their own new society?  Nobody is stopping them from creating a collectivist system, but pretty please leave me out of it.  I won’t sanction or participate in your self- destruction.”  They can have their way, just let me have mine.

Now, I’m sure some will suggest that my friend had it backwards – some will suggest that if I want to be left alone, I should leave and start my own society.  Problem is, the American way of organizing life (free markets made up of men/women with certain, inalienable individual liberties that are protected by a government with limited, finite powers) is the basis for all of the good things that surround us.  The collectivists (the liberals and progressives) who preach the ‘for the common good’ line over and over, want to confiscate for themselves all those good things (roads, damns, schools, laptops, all the single-malt Scotch) and insist that the rest of us have a choice:  adopt and live under their perverse, anti-human, anti-freedom way of thinking . . . or leave.

Well, I’ve had enough of it.  I’ve had enough of being told to goose-walk with the left or get out.  I’ve had enough of being told that I have to pay for abortions, some other parents’ kids’ school lunch and the new-age fuel experiment that I suspect is being conducted in Al Gore’s basement in Belle Meade, TN.  None of those things has to stop or be made against the law.  But the collectivists do have to give up control of the IRS.  To fuel their world, they will depend upon a collection of voluntary donations to fund all their special, common-good programs, and I will not, nor can I, stop them.

Meanwhile, the rest of us shall be free of their demands on our lives, because we can survive without them.  They, parasites all, will miss us dearly, as they try to divy up what will be illusory donations while we, the producers who want to force no one into our realm, will survive, even if there are only two of us left.

I think the collectivists are projecting.  They dream of living in Somalia, a land where the government controls all that there is to control.  I dream of my America, a land where the people control their government.  The difference in living conditions between America and Somalia is all an undecided voter needs to consider when choosing between those two lives.

Our system, the American system, works because we’re allowed to be free.  The collectivists system works if, and only if, we let the state compel us to act against our will.  Without the power of the state to force EVERYONE to live as commanded, their system will collapse.

Which side are you on?  I just need one of you!  Will you declare yourself free and independent and stay, with me, in America, or go with the collectivists to Somalia?  The collectivists are free to have their own world, but they can’t have my country or my freedom.


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