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The Worst Euphemism EVER

In Opinion on June 9, 2012 at 12:53 am

There is on MSNBC a new Rachel Maddow promotional piece in which she refers to “government approved outcome.”

She is referring to a live birth.  She suggests that conservative, pro-life Americans are hypocrites for purporting to be for smaller government while simultaneously advocating for anti-abortion laws.  A government big enough to be in every bedroom and force a ‘government approved outcome for every pregnancy’ is contradictory to a conservative’s support of small government, according to Ms. Maddow.

1.  Ms. Maddow, I nor the government have to be in your bedroom to care about a life that might be conceived there.

2.  The government does not have to be very big to protect life, including the one you want the privilege to terminate because it happens to reside in your womb.

3.  Do you ever think about what you say for longer than the amount of time it takes for it to cross your lips?

Yes, life is a government approved outcome.  How many lives do you want government to disapprove?

OH, and I need you to tell me which ones?  Who do you want to die?  Just the babies who you think were harmed when I smoked a cigar in a room full of pregnant women?

  1. 1, What happens in my bedroom frankly, is none of the governments business.
    2, To enforce these new regulations more people would have to be on their payroll to do this job.
    3, Is an irrelevant opinion.
    Should we also outlaw the killing of fungus, bacteria and parasites in our bodies also?? A life is a life is a life. Embrace your yeast infections women! Life is growing in you! Stop with the antibiotics, that sinus infection is a miracle of life! Ring worm? Pet it, don’t itch it, its part of the joys of being parent!

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