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It’s okay to hate Mormons, as long you’re seeking votes.

In Opinion on May 5, 2012 at 6:38 pm

On Friday night, Bill Mahar spent five minutes spewing more of his fowl criticism of religion, this time specifically Mitt Romney’s religion, Mormonism.  Cult, horse-shit, bull-shit and other words that we’re accustomed to hearing from this genius’s gutter mouth were among his most lucid and articulate.  He was particularly offended that Mr. Romney’s millions of dollars in contributions to his church are tax deductible, and he said that such illegitimate tax deductions cost the rest of us billions of dollars – as if we’re entitled to have Mitt Romney’s money or tell him how to spend it.  He stated that the mission of the Mormon church was comparable to funding opera houses and art museums and that funding such things with pre-tax dollars was bogus.  (I’ve summarized the nice parts of the monologue.)

As I recall, four years ago a few people observed that candidate Obama’s 20-year spiritual mentor, the clergyman who married him to his wife and baptized his children, was prone to say provocative things from the pulpit.  When candidate Obama or his surrogates were asked to comment about Obama’s minister, the responses ranged from ‘you’re a racist’ to ‘how dare you question the spiritual life of a candidate for the highest office in the land. Haven’t you ever heard of separation of church and state?”

So, here’s how I score it:

Asking questions about hateful rhetoric from a church pulpit – not allowed.

Spewing hatred about religion – just a comedy routine.

I understand the rules; but I won’t play by them.  I’ll keep asking questions and let $1,000,000 contributors to Obama’s campaign war chest continue to spew hatred over the airwaves.  I think we will like the results when people start comparing Bill Mahar to everyone who asks questions.

Hatred doesn’t sell and it only gets votes when someone is campaigning to direct the hate.

Who do you think it’s ok to hate?  Whom do you want your friends and supporters to hate?


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