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Constitutional Amendment: Minimum age for US Senate raised to 80 years!

In Opinion on May 4, 2012 at 2:15 pm

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan argues that Richard Lugar should be re-elected as the US Senator from the state of Indiana, because he’s . . . OLD.  She stipulates that incumbency is enough to qualify him for a SEVENTH term, to qualify him to celebrate his EIGHTY-SIXTH birthday while serving his FORTY-SECOND year in the US Senate.  Apparently, he knows how to get things done in that august chamber, and Peggy is convinced that having the you-know-what scared out of him (in other words, coming close to losing his seat because he’s being challenged in the GOP primary by something akin to a Tea Party member) will put him back on the straight and narrow, the path he seems to have lost having been holed up in Washington, DC all these many years.  Don’t bet on it – just ask former Senator Spector.

That’s shocking enough, but the most telling part of this piece is her seemingly (and very) snide reference to former VP Dan Quayle.  After GWHB could not win a second term – because Pres. Bush (41) drifted to the center, where Mr. Lugar lives, rather than continuing the Reagan legacy that earned him his first/last term as POTUS – Mr. Quayle moved away from DC, back to the real world and spent the ensuing 20 years living.

Yes, just LIVING.  He spent 20 years NOT governing, NOT spending other people’s money to make himself feel good, NOT graciously and selflessly donating his time to ‘public service’ (the biggest lie politicians ever tell), NOT granting interviews and holding court with the likes of Peggy Noonan.  For 20 years, he lived being what they refer to in DC as an ‘ordinary’ American.  But, Peggy and her ilk worship at the altar of fame and power, and Senator Lugar has had more of those than Dan Quayle, ergo her support of Lugar for Senate.  Dan Quayle is this guy who disappeared from the TV screen and the newspaper headlines, so, to Peggy and her clique, he ceased to even exist.  He became one of those ordinary, every day, plain ol’ people.  That’s the same thing as dead to the DC crowd – except around election day, that is.

She is typical of Washingtonians and the media airheads in NYC who deign to talk about politics on TV for a living.  They’re exceedingly and outwardly disdainful of real lives (insurance salesmen, brick-layers, bankers, house-keepers and plumbers) and in thrall over the pseudo lives of the rich, powerful or famous.  That’s all her crowd knows or cares about.

That’s DC.

The DC crowd thinks that ‘ordinary’ people are, well, ordinary, and, here’s the kicker, that makes the DC crowd the self-appointed . . . uh, extra-ordinary people.  It makes them feel really privileged at their galas and dinners at which they take turns giving each other awards and accolades for fighting for this or that cause de jour.  That’s precisely why they refer to you and me as ordinary, regular folk, because that makes them better than ordinary in their minds’ eyes and gives them the rationale they need to lord it over you without any compunction or regret.

I ran into Dan Quayle about six months ago at a dinner in DC.  We’d never met before, and we talked about the brand of bourbon they were serving at the bar, as I recall.  I found him to be a supremely ordinary man.  I like that about him.

  1. her worst article since supporting BHO for President.

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